School Policies

All schools need to have policies and procedures to help them guide the actions of all individuals involved in the school community.  They ensure and endorse the well-being of all pupils, their families, staff, volunteers and everyone who is connected to the school.  When policies and procedures are well thought out and, most importantly, implemented they provide common understanding and agreement on how things should be done and provide clear instructions and guidelines on what should/must be done in a particular set of circumstances or with regard to a particular issue.

Policies and procedures help new staff and parents to familiarise themselves with the school’s practices and gives them information about what to expect from the school.  Policies should be ‘living’ documents that must be regularly reviewed to ensure that they meet all the needs of those working in the school, and take into account the possible changes that have happened in the school and within the wider community.

To summarise good, well thought out and implemented policies and procedures ensure:

  • Good practice.
  • Helps to establish a professional and effective organisation.
  • They provide consistency among staff, parents and children.
  • They can prevent any ambiguity about how particular situations/issues should be handled in the school.
  • They promote harmony within the school community.
  • More efficient and effective delivery of education and service.

All school policies are formulated by the Principal, Deputy Principal and the staff, in consultation with parents, and then ratified by the Board of Management in consultation with DES (Department of Education ans Skills), INTO (Irish National Teachers Association) and NEWB (National Education Welfare Board) guidelines.

These policies are regularly reviewed and updated as necessary and we very much welcome any comments and suggestions from parents.

Please email any comments or suggestions to

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01. Admissions and Enrolment Policy Sept 2020

02A. Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment

02B. Intimate Care and Toileting Policy

03.Anti Bullying Policy

04. Administration of Medicines Policy

05. Critical Incident Policy

06. Health & Safety Policy

07. Fire Drill and Evacuation Policy

08. Attendance Policy

09. Code Of Behaviour

10. Accident and Emergencies Policy

11. Substance Abuse Policy

12. Supervision Policy

13. ICT and Social Media Acceptable Usage Policy

14. Mobile Phone & Electronic Devices Policy

15. Equality, Access and Participation Policy

16. Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy.pdf

17. Healthy Eating Policy

18. Parental Involvement Policy

19. Composite and Split Class Policy

20. Swimming Policy

21. Data Protection Policy

22. Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) Policy

23. Assessment Policy

24. Homework Policy

25. Hire and Use of School Premises Policy

26. Vetting Disclosure Policy

27. Parent Staff Communication Policy and Grievance Procedures-compressed

28. Protected Disclosures Policy

29. EPV (Extra Personal Vacation) Course Day Policy

30. Use of Outside Specialists Policy

31. Exemption from Irish Policy

32. Book Bills and Rental Scheme

33. CCTV Policy

34. One to One Teaching and Counselling Policy

35. Staff Relations Policy

36. Job Sharing Policy

37. Custody and Separation Policy