Green School Committee 2023 – 24

For 2023 – 2024, the St Francis Green School Committee members are:

6th Class:  Ema (6A) and Robyn (6B)

5th Class:  Eamon (5A), Angie (5B)

4th Class:  Marianne (4A), Abigail (4B)

3rd Class:  Aoibhinn (3A), Barra (3B)

2nd Class:  Eve (2A), James (2B)

Litter and Waste

You bring it – you take it home!
We are avoiding waste from school lunches going into our rubbish bins by encouraging no packaging.
We encourage you to use lunch boxes and refillable drink containers.
Children are asked to take home all wrappers and leftovers.
Global Citizenship – we are helping make our world a cleaner, safer place
We participate in local beach cleans to reduce marine litter.
we reduce our landfill by recycling almost everything.


Our practices are (and we need a reminder everyso often . . . )
Shut it down overnight.
Plug it out over the weekend.
Global Citizenship – we are trying to reduce our use of fossil fuels to help slow Climate Change
Exercise to warm up.
Open windows to cool down.
Last out turns out the lights!


We filter and recycle rainwater for our toilets.
Our toilets are fitted with half and full flush options.
Our watering system is on a timer.
We encourage short showers over long baths.
Global Citizenship – we are learning about the importance of clean water
We learn about countries where rain is scarce
We will fundraise for items like the Trócaire “Gift of Clean Water”
and the gift of a “Water Pump”

Travel and Transport

According to the latest Green Schools Ireland Census, there has been an 88% increase in the number of children cycling to school.
Wow – let’s keep it up and perhaps even improve on that number this year!
Global Citizenship – we are trying to reduce our use of fossil fuels
We encourage all our families to walk, cycle or scoot  to school where possible.
Our bike shelters are happy when full!


We have a thriving “Wildlife Corridor”  hedge and trees planted all around our school.
It provides shelter, food and nesting materials to birds and a safe space for insects ad animals.
We have a recycled bath as a pond to encourage wildlife.
We have recycled bird-feeders hanging from our trees.
Global Citizenship – we are helping to protect and increase wildlife especially pollinators
We are growing borders of pollinator friendly flowers and herbs.

Global Citizenship – Marine Environment

We are helping make our seas cleaner and safer by collecting beach litter and “feeding our Metal Fish” as a visual reminder.
We are learning about the effects of pollution and overfishing on our Marine Life.
Enjoy browsing through our photos for more news.