School Ethos

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Our school crest

Mission Statement

The three spirals on the St Francis National School crest represent the school community: the pupils, the parents and the staff.

We work hard supporting each other to bring out the best in each child.

We are a vibrant, friendly and welcoming school that values trust and openness in a safe working environment.

We prepare our pupils for their place in a multicultural society by actively promoting equality and by celebrating the diversity we have within our school community.

Our Only School Rule

Our only school rule is:

Be safe, be a friend / Bí slán, bí cairdiúil.

This is further developed in the senior classes to be:

I have respect for myself, for others and for the environment / Tá meas agam orm féin, ar dhaoine eile agus ar an domhain timpeall orm.

Catholic Ethos

St Francis National School is a Roman Catholic School.  We promote the spiritual development of the pupil, including a living relationship with God.

St Francis National School provides Religious Education for the pupils and promotes the formation of pupils in the Catholic faith and including participation in occasional religious celebrations.

While St Francis Primary School is a school with a Catholic ethos, it also gives due recognition to children of all other religious beliefs and of none.