Back row: Sarah O’Gradaigh, Megan Treadwell, Suzanne O’Hare, Sarah Gray, Brigitte Nelson, Roisin McKevitt, Patricia Reynolds, Helena Reynolds, Lisa Young, Carmel Pinto.
Front Row: Jonathan Dennis, Anne Donaghy, Annie Sweeney, Realtein McCann, Oreena Lawless, Ciara Whately, Helen Clinton, Peter McGrane. 
Missing from photo: Elaine O’Rourke (Deputy Principal), Emma-Louise Muckian, Deirbhile Savage, Emma Kellegher, Niamh O’Connell, Debbie Lundy, Sophie Twibill, Aoife Stanley.
Photo Credit: Paula Kavanagh Photography

Individual Class teachers post information on their class news and activities on their respective class pages. Please check back regularly for updates on news from the classroom.

SCHOOL STAFF 2020 – please click on the blue links for more information

Oreena Lawless

Teaching Staff
Click on the class name to go to the class page and click on the teachers name to find see their information.
Junior Infants AMrs O’Rourke (Room 1)
Junior Infants BMiss McCann (Room 2)
Senior Infants AMiss Kellegher  (Room 3)
Senior Infants BMrs Sweeney (Room 4)
First Class AMiss Burns (Prefab 3)
First Class BMrs Savage (Prefab 2)
Second ClassMiss Lundy / Miss Twibill (Prefab 1)
Second Class BMrs Stanley (Library)
Third ClassMrs O’Connell (Room 5)
Fourth ClassMiss Treadwell (Room 6)
Fifth ClassMrs Donaghy (Room 7)
Sixth ClassMiss McKevitt (Room 8)

Special Education Teachers
Mrs Clinton
Miss Gray
Mrs Stapleton Miss Dillon is covering Mrs Stapleton’s Maternity leave until June 2021
Mrs Whately
Find out more about the work or the SET team by clicking here.

Special Needs Assistants (SNAs)
Suzanne O’Hare
Sarah O’Gradaigh
Lisa Young
Carmel Pinto

Admin Staff
Brigitte Nelson
Emma-Louise Muckian

Jonathan Dennis
Peter McGrane

Visiting Speech & Drama Teacher
Patricia Reynolds

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