School Choir 2023 – 24

Pupils from 3rd to 6th class are welcome to join the school choir.

Being part of the choir is a big undertaking and each choir member is expected to attend all the after school practices, services and functions when the choir is needed. Promptness is important as well. Choir members need to be team players, showing respect and cooperation with the organising teachers.

What We Do

The choir provides beautiful singing at a variety of events including:

  • School masses, First Holy Communion and Confirmation
    This year we have committed to sing at more of the school Masses.  We appreciate that it is a huge commitment for parents, especially those who do not usually attend Sunday mass in Blackrock, but the addition of the Choir of St Francis NS to school masses is greatly appreciated by the parents and staff, and of course, by Fr Keenan.
  • The annual Peace Proms at the SESE Belfast (or RDS Dublin), organised by the prestigious Cross Border Orchestra
    For the last six years we have performed every year alongside other school choirs at the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland “Peace Proms.” This year we will participate in the Belfast Peace Proms on Sunday 25th February, 2024 at the 1pm concert.
  • The annual Seinn Service in Dundalk, as part of Catholic Schools Week
    This will take place in the Church of the Redeemer Dundalk on 25th January, 2024 (during school time) as part of Irish Catholic Schools Week.  We join other schools in the Dundalk area for an uplifting concert.
  • School Assemblies
    The school choir performs in the school hall at various school assemblies throughout the year as required.
  • Christmas Concert and end of year Concert
    Our choir is an integral part of our Christmas Nativity/Concert and usually assists with the singing for the classes performing nativity plays, as well as leading the finale singing.
  • Christmas Carol signing for charity
    We usually sing for the residents of Blackrock Abbey Nursing home and perform at The Marshes Shopping Centre.
  • Ad hoc school events and celebrations (e.g. Grandparents Day)