Junior Infants 2024/25 Application and Decision Dates

  • The school will commence accepting applications for admission on 1st October 2023 at midnight
  • The school shall cease accepting applications for admission on 22nd October 2023 at 3 pm
  • The date by which applicants will be notified of the decision on their application is 6th November 2023
  • The period until which applicants must confirm acceptance of an offer of admission is 20th November 2023

*Failure to accept an offer within the prescribed period above may result in the offer being withdrawn

Note: The school will consider and issue decisions on late applications in accordance with the School’s Admissions and Enrolment Policy.

Click to pre-enrol This link will go live at midnight on 1st October 2023. When completing the form you will be asked Choose An Admission List, please select Junior Infants 2024.

Places for Entry to Current School Year

  • Junior Infants – 2
  • Senior Infants – FULL
  • 1st Class – FULL
  • 2nd Class – FULL
  • 3rd Class – FULL
  • 4th Class – FULL
  • 5th Class – places available
  • 6th Class – places available
  • ASD Class – FULL

Click here to fill out an application form.

Junior Infants August 2026 Entry and Beyond

Applications for school places open each October for the coming school year.  Applications for Junior Infants 2026 will open in October 2025.

If you would like to be notified when registrations open for future Junior Infants classes, please complete the Expression of Interest Form.

Other Information

Transition to Primary School

For more information and advice for parents of children starting in primary school read the National Parents Council publication Making the transition from Early Education to Primary Education.

Do I Have to pay for my Child to Attend School?

In Ireland all children are entitled to free primary and post-primary education.  Like most primary schools, St Francis NS is funded by the state.

It is the legal responsibility of the parents/guardians to pay for their child’s uniform, certain materials, trips etc.  From September 2023 school books and copy books are provided to all pupils under the Government Grant Funded School Books scheme.

If however you have difficulty meeting school costs you may be entitled to a back to school grant.  The Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance scheme is open from 1 June to 30 September.  Click here for further information.  Application forms are from all social welfare offices and Intreo centres, via SMS (text “Form BTSCFA” followed by your name and address to 51909) or you may email the Department at BSCFA@welfare.ie.