Senior Infants B

Welcome to the Senior Infants B class page.

This page will be updated regularly and will contain important information regarding events in our classroom. Please keep an eye on it for any updates. We are a green school and to save paper we use this page to update parents rather than sending home notes all the time.

Thank you all very much for your co-operation.

Annmarie Sweeney
Class Teacher – SIB



Homework 11/11/19 


  • Library books – will be changed when read and signed – please ensure your child has read their library book and can say a few sentences about their book
  • Practice new alternative word lists “i_e, igh, y ie “ with  and continue to revise the sound “ai” and “ay”  & ee” and “ea”sound– found 6/7 pages after the last tricky word

Reading – it is vital that students complete their reading daily and it is signed by parents/guardians.

  • Focus on – blending/ articulation, fluency, intonation, expression i.e using punctuation.
  • There will be words that your child needs to blend, read and identify. Please ensure your child is pronouncing the sounds accurately. They need to slide each sound into each other quickly to hear the word more easily. We are practicing this in school too.

Revision of sounds and continuation of tricky words – Please continue to revise all sounds and tricky words in order to give them more confidence with their reading. Pick a few different sounds/tricky words each night. New Tricky Words have been added to Tricky Word Books so please practice dated Tricky words.

TRICKY WORD PAIRS GAMES have been put in folders. Please play these games as often as you can, to allow the children to practice and become more familiar with reading these words.






Monday 11/11:  Practice learning the full poem “In My Head” in Speech and Drama copy and draw pictures to accompany the poem.

We are beginning to practice an Irish poem “An Mainseár” for our Christmas Concert. Please encourage students to practice this at different stages during the week. See Irish Poem below our Homework. 

Tuesday 12/11: Complete Active Homework from the “Super Troopers” booklet.

Wednesday 13/11: Maths: Look for 2D Shapes around the house. We are focusing on squares, triangles, circles and rectangles.

Practice counting forwards and backwards to and from 10. Practice skip counting in 10s.

Thursday 14/11: Complete Active Homework from the “Super Troopers” booklet. Practice Show and Tell.


An  Mainséar

Tá Íosa sa mhainséar,

Tá aoirí sa chró,

In aice na ríthe,

Tá asal is bó.


Muire is Iósaf,

Ar ghlúine sa tuí,

Tabhair aire dúinn, a Íosa,

Is é sin mo ghuí.




Our class are working hard with their writing. We are focusing on the following: writing on lines, using capital letters and full stops, letter formation and finger spaces.

We are reading about Hedgehogs and animals that hibernate. We are also reading the story The Gingerbread Man.

In Maths, we are learning about 2D shapes.

We are learning about “Caitheamh Aimsire” in Gaeilge lessons.

This week is Science Week and we are enjoying fun Science experiments in the Hall with 6th class.





Colouring Books – Students are asked to send in a labelled colouring book, please ensure they bring in their colouring book

P.E. –  Our P.E. for the first month will be on Monday. Please ensure students are wearing their P.E. gear each Monday.




October has been another very busy but very productive month! We are making excellent progress all around. Our reading and writing has has improved. We love free writing! In Maths, we know lots about how to make the numbers 4, 5, and 6 in many different ways and we have been working very hard with adding. We had lots of fun during Maths Week! We had a great time making music with instruments in Music and doing lots of experiments in Science! Here are a few pictures of some of the fun we have had during October.


Jumping Ghosts and Static Electricity Experiment



Making Music


Biongó Bia



Maths Week: Maths Week was so much fun! We did lots of different Maths tasks, Estimation Games, Maths trails, Mental Maths games, Maths Quiz, and Maths stations.

John and Chloe were our Class Mathematicians. Well done everyone for taking part.


Junior Maths Quiz


Active Learning Maths Stations


Junior Maths Trail 




WEEK 16/9/2019 – 20/9/19

We acted out our poem “Nurse Jill” using doctor/nurse props. It was great fun! Well done to the boys and girls for learning the first verse. We are making great progress with the second verse.

Our Run a mile with a smile! It was such a nice day we decided to do a bird hunt and have a picnic outside!

Our Fabric and Fibre “Autumn leaves” Art lesson was great fun and we can’t wait to show you our Autumn display when we are finished. This week we are creating squirrels in art.


Our first Show and Tell was a great success!



LOOKING BACK 9/9/19 – 16/9/19

Take a look at some pictures of what has been going on in Senior Infants B. We have started to explore Old and New toys, painted and wrote about “The Three Little Pigs”, explored our senses some more, played Jolly Phonics games on the computer, made patterns on peg boards, used play-doh to recreate scenes from “The Three Little Pigs”, we took part in a free dress day, had Speech and Drama, examined items on our Nature Table and lots lots more.




Last weeks’ update: 2/9/19 – 6/9/19

Our theme was “Myself – I am unique”.

In Science and Geography we explored Our Senses by completing a senses walk around the school grounds and we experimented with our senses in a Science Popcorn lesson.


Our SPHE lesson involved using mirrors to explore similarities and differences in our appearance and this highlighted how we are all Unique. After this we created beautiful self-portraits.

We performed a song called Slap the Sillies Out. This was so much fun. During the instrumental we had the opportunity to WOW Mrs. Sweeney with our freestyle moves.

In Gaeilge, we worked with Miss Kellegher’s Senior Infants to explore the topic Mé Féin through Role Play, Songs, Stories and Comhrá.

P.E. was also lots of fun as we played lots of different Playground games including: duck duck goose, ship sea shore, flush the toilet and more.




Friday 30/8/19

Well done to all the boys and girls in Senior Infants B on a great start back to school.

Keep up the great behaviour and excellent work!

Our stamp cards are filling up fast.


We have already done lots of fun things during our first week in Senior Infants:

English – We are reading Elmer stories and we loved the story of “Elmer and the Lost Teddy”

Maths – Our focus is on revising matching, sorting and classifying, we also practiced “5 little speckled frogs”

All About Me – my favourite colours, my family, my favourite food, myself and what I want to be when I grow up, etc.

Free play – construction, dress up, colouring, lego, small world play and lots more

Gaeilge – Mé Féin

We really enjoy our GoNoodle movement breaks.


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