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Zip It Trip

This year 4th Class A and B went to Zip It Forest Adventures in Dublin for their school tour. On the bus, everyone was so excited to arrive at Zip It.  The bus ride was an hour and 20 minutes long, so for entertainment we played charades.  Further into the bus ride we saw many trees and forests so we thought we were there but actually we were like 20 minutes away! Finally, we arrived at Zip It with [...]

Bloom in a Tin

We recently went on a trip to Bloom. It's like a festival for plants. After the trip there was a project we had to do.  We had to make a garden in a tin. It's a competition. 5 people in our class made one. Myself, Kian, Nancy, Penny and Luca made them. Lots of people made them in the whole school. I had trees, swings, clay and ladybugs in [...]

3rd Class School Tour

Our School Tour On Wednesday we went on our school tour.  We went to Ardgillan park.  There was a big slide there and a huge climbing frame.  We had great fun!  We had our lunch at the park.  We went on a big double decker bus.  We also went to Butler’s chocolate factory.  We ate chocolate and learnt how chocolate is made.  It was the best day of my life. - Jacob, 3B. School Tour Yesterday on the 21st [...]

3rd B School Play!

We were practicing the play for a few weeks.  On Wednesday it was the big day.  We had to do the real play, but first we had to do our play to the whole school!  Then we had to do the scary bit...  The real play in front of our parents.  8 people had microphones.  Everybody laughed at the ugly sisters!  And at our costumes and lines.  Our parents enjoyed the play!  We all gained confidence which is the [...]

Agri Aware

On 1st of October to June 13th our class did an Agri Aware project called Incredible Edibles.  Everybody grew a plant, there were pumpkins, cress, strawberries, potatoes and lettuce and many more.  Most people’s plants thrived.  We had to water them every day.  Our teacher showed us how to transplant our plants when they got bigger.  One half of the class grew strawberries, the other half grew potatoes.  We entered a competition and enjoyed the process. - Catherine, 3B [...]

Beach Day

Last Friday we went to the beach with a marine biologist named David.  First, we had to climb on rocks to look for rock pools and animals in the rock pools like crabs and sea snails and shrimp.  David said we're not going to use the first aid kit because it has not been used all year but we used it about 6 times!!  After that we had lunch.  After lunch we got free time.  [...]