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Pupils’ News

Public Speaking Report

In May the public speaking final took place.  After succeeding in round one and two of the competition the finalists, representing 4th, 5th & 6th classes, were selected.  The six were critiqued by Mrs. Lawless, Brigitte and our guest judge Patricia Reynolds.  Although it was nerve wracking, every contestant did a tremendous job and should be very proud of themselves.  The judges chose Calum’s speech, about drag, as the overall winner.  Calum was presented with a trophy and all [...]

Feis Mhuirtheimhne

On Sunday the 21st of May, 2 pupils from each class took part in Feis Muirtheimhne. The Feis Muirtheimhne includes pupils from schools all around the area.  The pupils had to recite a poem in Irish in front of 2 judges and a hall full of parents and grandparents, so it was very exciting but also a nervous time for all of us performing our poems!  the standard was very high and myself and other St. Francis students won [...]

Intercultural Day

On 19th of May it was Intercultural day.  Intercultural day is a day when we learn about different cultures around the world.  We had passports to tick off the country's food we ate.  We brought in food from many countries.  Also we wore clothes to represent the cultures we originated from or where our parents are from. We got to taste lots of different food.  My favourite is from Ghana and Nigeria.  We had a fun time. - Vanessa [...]

Public Speaking Competition

On Thursday, 18th of May, we had the finals of our public speaking competition!.  We were down to our final 6.  Our judges were Ms Lawless, Brigitte, and our special guest:  Ms Reynolds! It was nerve-wracking, but it was so enjoyable to listen to everyone else's speeches!  I was second in the line-up, nerves to say the least!!  Despite that, our judges did their absolute best to make us all feel comfortable up on stage, it really helped! Eventually, [...]

County Museum, Dundalk

Last Friday, Sixth class A and B visited the County museum in Dundalk.  We were split into 2 groups and toured around the museum.  There were three different floors.  The ground floor consisted of farms, factories and Louth’s Industrial legacy.  Floor 1 consisted of Historic Louth AD500-Present.  Floor 2 consisted of Ancient Louth 7500BC - AD500.  There were also belongings from famous people in history such as Oliver Cromwell's shaving mirror!  It was great fun and everyone enjoyed visiting [...]

Dundalk Football Club Visit

10th May, 2023, On Wednesday, the 10th of May, two of Dundalk FCs footballers, Peter Cherry and Ryan O’Kane joined us to answer all of our questions in the hall!. There were many, many questions about Messi and Ronaldo, and who they thought the G.O.A.T was, and questions about matches.  Their answers were very, very entertaining to listen to. I’m not a big fan of football but I thought it was really interesting.  Afterwards they went around the entire [...]