Global Citizenship

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Global Citizenship is the final stage of the Green Schools process and consists of 3 further flags:

1. Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste is the sixth theme. This maintenance theme enables schools to discover how Green-Schools work has positively influenced people and environments worldwide while revising the previous Litter and Waste theme.

2. Global Citizenship – Energy.  This maintenance theme gives schools the chance to revise the Energy theme while looking at issues surrounding energy on a global scale.  The most obvious global link to the energy theme is of course Climate Change, the most serious environmental problem of our time and is intrinsically linked to our energy use.

3. Global Citizenship – Marine Environment is the eighth theme of the programme.  As with the previous Global Citizenship themes this is a maintenance theme that will enable you to discover how your work on the Green-Schools programme has positively influenced environments worldwide while focusing your work on our oceans and seas.