Physical Education

At St Francis National School, we love being active!

Our aim is to move well and move often!

All our classes enjoy a variety of PE activities each week.  We try our best to get as much physical activity in as we can.  Each class participates in the daily mile challenge.  The strands of the PE curriculum are Games, Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Aquatics and Outdoor & Adventure Activities.  Teachers use the PDST to support our planning, ensuring that all lessons include the fundamental skills, especially those skills we are focusing on as a school (catching, throwing, running and walking).

Throughout the school year, we are fortunate enough have many partnerships with sporting organisations.  The children are coached in a variety of different sports, which includes:  GAA with Louth and the Geraldines, Irish dancing and Games with DKIT.

Throughout the school day, children are encouraged to be as active as they can.  We use Go Noodle, A mile a day, super troopers and active breaks.  Throughout the year, children also receive active homework, which is great to get the whole family involved.

We aim to ensure that all classes receive coaching at some point throughout the year.  Below is the coaching we have in school throughout the year:

  • GAA Gaelic football from Louth coach to 5th & 6th classes
  • GAA Hurling Louth coach to 3rd class
  • Louth Sports Partnership / DKIT research project – 4th Class
  • DKIT Sports Hall Training – Senior Infants, 1st & 2nd Class
  • Irish Dancing – 1st-6th Classes
  • Niall Teather FitKidz – Junior and Senior infants
  • Geraldines school Gaelic programme – 1st and 2nd classes
  • Aura Leisure – swimming lessons for 4th & 5th classes