Active Schools

Active School Flag (ASF) is a Department of Education and Skills initiative supported by Healthy Ireland.  The award recognises schools which strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community.

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We were awarded our Active School Flag in May 2016.

In order to achieve the flag, we had to:

  1. Adhere to DES Guidelines regarding PE timetable provision for all pupils.
  2. Teach a broad and balanced PE curriculum.
  3. Inform and invite the whole school community to participate in the Active School process.
  4. Self-evaluate our current provision in terms of P.E, Physical Activity and Community Links.
  5. Plan and Implement improvements for each of the aforementioned areas.
  6. Organise an ‘Active School Week’ as part of the annual school calendar.

See the Active School Flag Webpage for more information regarding the Active School Flag process.

Here is a list of the various activities we have undertaken (or are undertaking) in 2015-16

September 2015

  • New Goal Posts.
  • Coaching for Cross Country 3rd – 6th classes with parent, Mary Scanlon.
  • DkIT students on placement for weekly PE 1st Class (Paul Cullen & Nessan Mc Crudden)
    WOW days (Walk on Wednesdays).
  • Leinster Rubgy Training for 3rd & 4th Classes.
  • Introduction to Laya “Super Troopers” programme.

Cyclability Audit of routes to school

Cycle Safety Training 5th & 6th

Tennis coaching with Gus Kresa

  • Fit Kidz – Infant Classes and 1st Class with Niall Teather.
  • Blackrock Hurling & Camogie Training starting Wednesdays.


Implementation of Laya “Super Troopers” programme

  • GAA Blitz -4th to 6th classes.
  • Leinster Rugby Training.
  • Rugby Blitz – 8th.
  • “Get in Gear” – cycling safety for staff & parents – 20th.
  • Sportshall Athletics Training 1 in DkIT – 14th.
  • Hip-Hop dancing with Tara Gill.
  • Movement & Mindfulness with Edel Molloy.
  • Spook Walk – 23rd.


  • Movement & Mindfulness with Edel Molloy.
  • Sportshall Athletics Training 2 in DkIT – 14th.
  • Fit Kidz after school from 9th.
  • GAA coaching from 19th.


  • Santa Stroll – 16th.
  • (Need picture here).
  • Cosmic Kidz Yoga – online yoga for kids.
  • GoNoodle – online movement.
  • School Disco – 23rd.


  • Irish Dancing 1st-6th from 26th.
  • Teachers start after school walk/run around the block.
  • Rugby Coaching 3rd.
  • Hip-Hop Dancing with Tara Gill.
  • Hurling/Camogie 3rd Class from 12th.
  • Football Coaching 4th Class from from 12th.


  • 5th & 6th Activity Ambassadors for indoor breaks on wet days.
  • Soccer Coaching for girls with Robert Cosgrove from 1st.
  • IRFU Rugby Coaching from 22nd.
  • FAI Girls 5-a-side Soccer 22nd.
  • FAI Boys 5-a-side Soccer 25th.
  • Hurling/Camogie training after school with Blackrock/Haggardstown club.
  • Irish Dancing 1st – 6th.
  • (Need picture here).
  • Gaelic Coaching 3rd to 6th classes – Miss Carolan + Miss Kellegher.


  • PDST Gymnastics Training for staff – 1st.
  • School Céilí – 11th.
  • Hurling/Camogie Coaching.
  • Implementation of Walk & Talk playground policy.
  • Swimming Lessons 4th & 5th from 9th.
  • Run a Km @ 10am!


  • Run a Km @ 10am!
  • Active School Week planned by pupils from 25th.
  • Fit Kidz – Infants and 1st Class.
  • Team Clean/ School Ramble and Clean up.
  • Be Active After School Programme with Ciara Whately.
  • Parents Walking Group – Wednesdays.
  • Basketball 2nd – 6th.
  • Cycle Road Safety Awareness Training 5th and 6 classes.


  • Run a Km @ 10am!
  • Fit Kidz – Infants and 1st class.
  • Be Active After School Programme with Ciara Whately.
  • Parents Walking Group – Wednesdays.
  • Basketball 2nd – 6th.
  • Libby Dynamites Basketball Competition (Boys and Girls).


  • Gaelic/Soccer matches.
  • Gaelic Blitz – Dundalk Schools League.
  • Sports Day.
  • Senior classes – Hill Walk.
  • Skipathon.
  • Teddy Bears Picnic/Adventure Playground – infant classes.
  • Beach walk and scavenger hunt.
  • National Bike Week 11th.
  • School Tours – emphasis on keeping active.

After School Activities for children


  • Basketball with Gary Rodriguez.
  • Hip-Hop Dancing with Tara Gill.


  • Fit Kidz with Niall Teather.
  • Be Active – After School Club.
  • Wednesdays.
  • Blackrock/Haggardstown Hurling & Camogie Club 6.30 – 8pm on Fridays.
  • Tennis with Gus Kresa.

Involving the School Community:

  • Be Active – After School Club.
  • Hypnogroove (Movement & Mindfulness) with Edel Molloy.


  • WOW Days – Parents meet to walk after dropping children off to school.
  • Cúchulainn Cycling Club indoor training, 8 – 9pm.


  • Pilates with Eileen Hughes.
  • Blackrock Line Dancing Group.
  • Gardening.
  • Some parents volunteer to help out when the weather permits.
  • Coaching.
  • Several of our parents help out with soccer, gaelic and athletics coaching.
  • Teachers – run around the block several days a week, participate in GoNoodle and Cosmic Kidz Yoga with their class, take part in hypnogroove, participate and get involved in Irish dancing classes and céilí, run/walk 1km a day with students.

Resources for Parents

Here are some ‘Active Ideas’ for home:

  • Continue to use the Laya Healhcare Super Trooper exercises, diary and wallchart (given to all pupils – more copies available from the office).
  • Walk to school – and not just on our WOW days!.
  • Go for pre- or post-dinner walks.
  • Turn up the music and boogie down!.
  • Make a game out of household chores.
  • Sneak workouts into other activities i.e. taking the stairs instead of the escalator.
  • Turn TV ad breaks into fitness breaks.
  • Have a weekly sports night, where everyone in the family gets involved.
  • Let the kids help with garden tasks – catch leaves, raking, sorting, digging, planting, etc.
  • Walk the dog.

Here are some fantastic resources for parents to encourage even more physical activity at home: