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Thoughts on Internet Safety

Thoughts after our internet safety talk "It made me feel scared to think that when you delete a photo it doesn’t really get deleted. It is still there." - Cushla from 3B "I realise now that if somebody texts or messages me and I don’t know them I need to tell my mum or dad." - Robert from 3B "Once you do something on your phone it leaves an imprint that you cannot fully get rid of.  If somebody [...]

Some Work From 4th Class

Below is some work from 4th Class including some facts about bees, Bradley's Diary and some work in Irish.

4th Class Sleepout 2023

Every year our 4th Class pupils participate in the Simon Community's Sleepout to raise money for and awareness about homelessness.  Below are some of their reports about the Sleepout on September the 29th, 2023.

Callum Gold Medal Story

On Sunday October 15th, I took part in the Irish Open Karate Championships in Dublin.  There were people there from London, Germany, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.  Amy Dennis helped me to train for the competition.  The atmosphere was very quiet until I finished my Kata.  I wasn’t nervous because I felt like I had done it a million times before.  When they called out my name I was a little surprised and also very happy.  I won a [...]

Zip It Trip

This year 4th Class A and B went to Zip It Forest Adventures in Dublin for their school tour. On the bus, everyone was so excited to arrive at Zip It.  The bus ride was an hour and 20 minutes long, so for entertainment we played charades.  Further into the bus ride we saw many trees and forests so we thought we were there but actually we were like 20 minutes away! Finally, we arrived at Zip It with [...]

Bloom in a Tin

We recently went on a trip to Bloom. It's like a festival for plants. After the trip there was a project we had to do.  We had to make a garden in a tin. It's a competition. 5 people in our class made one. Myself, Kian, Nancy, Penny and Luca made them. Lots of people made them in the whole school. I had trees, swings, clay and ladybugs in [...]