Prize Day 2022

Prize Day 2022
Tuesday 21st June

Today we had our end of year prizegiving where we recognised the achievements and contribution of so many pupils.


Class Teacher Awards

Junior Infants A
Áine Burns: for being a kind and caring friend
Darragh Morgan: for being a kind and caring friend

Junior Infants B
Zoe McClure: for her kindness and great manners
Scott Rogers: for extraordinary effort
Rian Bradshaw: for effort, manners and kindness

Junior Infants

Senior Infants A
Alicja Hundt: for great improvement all round
Jakub Klenovcan: for great effort, great improvement and behavior

Senior Infants B
Ruby O’Byrne: for great progress with reading, writing, growing in confidence and being a great girl
Oscar Colgan: for Gaeilge participation, great behavior, good helper, working hard

Senior Infants

1st Class A
Chloe Muckian: for fantastic effort
Fintan Birmingham: for his great effort and kindness
Aoibhinn Callan: for her kindness and great manners

1st Class B
Sophia Murphy:  Amazing author
Kevin Traore:  Grá don Ghaeilge

First Class

2nd Class A
Luca Marks: for helpfulness to everyone
Nancy Walsh: for most hardworking

2nd Class B
Dylan Aribido: for fantastic effort
Luke Lonergan: for his helpfulness and kindness
Sophie Talbot: for her helpfulness and kindness

Second Class

3rd Class A
Lexie Daly: For her great effort and helpfulness
Callum McGuinness-Smith: for being kind and including others

3rd Class B
Kailas Audvecius: for great effort
Mila Crawley: for manners and kindness
Basheer Avesh: for beautiful presentation of work

Third Class

4th Class A
Kaycee Ibeh: for great manners and helpfulness
Robyn Burns: for outstanding effort
Conor McBride: for outstanding effort

4th Class B
Maya McGivern: for outstanding effort
Shay Cunningham: for his helpfulness and kindness
Madison Yussuf: for outstanding effort

Fourth Class

5th Class
Charlie Gough: for being so helpful, respectful and kind
Ava Lonergan:  Most improved in confidence (and Irish)

Fifth Class

6th Class
Ava Kavanagh: For her kindness and helpfulness
Roan Quigley:  Most improved pupil

Sixth Class

2.Student Council Awards
3rd Class: Daniel Kearney, Jessica Cooney, Finn Whately, Sophie O’Brien
4th Class: Peter Sweeney, Aoibhinn O’Rourke, Conor McBride, Clara O’Connell
5th Class: Ava Lonergan, Cian Gaynor
6th Class: Rose McGee, Alan Durnin

Student Council

3.Green School Committee Awards
2nd Class: Conor Norman, Sarah Rose-Ferguson, Chloe Walsh
3rd Class: Sally Sajan, Mero Ahmadi, Daniel Loughran
4th Class: Bethany Cumiskey, Robyn Cassidy, Pearl Walsh, Ronan Henry
5th Class: Raurí Gaughran, Alejandra López-Baillo Ruiz
6th Class: Nathan Dunne, Ava Kavanagh

Green Schools Committee

4.Girls Gaelic Team
6th Class: Rosie, Rose, Anna, Faith, Bonnie, Ewa, Erin, Bonnie
5th Class: Kayla, Layla, Daisy, Alejandra, Amanda, Annie, Ava L, Ava MC

Girls Gaelic Team

5.Boys Gaelic Team
6th Class: Roan, Nathan, Emmett, Rory, PJ, Eryk, Alan,
5th Class: Theo, Sam Ryan, Sam Whately, Sean and Kian McCann Emmanuel, Charlie Gough, Donnacha, Zack, Ross, Cormac, Andrew

Boys Gaelic Team

6.6th Class Helpers
Eve McGee
Nathan Dunne
Rose McGee
Rory Power
Alan Durnin
Ellen Johnston

6th Class Helpers

7. Attendance (2021-22) Taken last Monday
(minus Covid Absences)

Missed 2 days – Silver medal and certificate
JIA: Justin Akhimien, Jamie Rafferty
JIB: Harry Young

Junior Infants Attendance Silver Certificate and Medal Winners

SIB: Nathan Bell, Oscar Joseph Colgan
1A: Cara Loughran, Theo Messin
1B: Eli Murray
2A: Penny Reilly
3A: Gergely Kazai, Lily-Rose Murphy
3B: Daniel Loughran
4B: Anna Quinn (4B),
6A: Cian Cassidy, Emmet Kearney

Attendance Silver Certificate and Medal Winners (Senior Infants to Sixth Class)

Missed 1 Day – Gold medal and certificate
JIA: Zoey Heslin
JIB: Nathan Brennan, Aidan Murphy
SIA: Christophe Mullings
SIB: Christine Sojo Panavelil
1A: Liam O’Keefe
2A: Victoria Akhemien
3A: Sadbh Beegan

Attendance Gold Certificate and Medal Winners

100% Attendance – Silver Cup and Certificate
SIB: Ruby O’Byrne
1A: Abiageal Heslin
1B: Cian Rafferty
2B: Johan Sojo Panavelil
3B: Rachel Pritchard
4B: Grace Reilly

Attendance Silver Cup and Certificate Winners

8. Smart Moves

Bobby Carolan
Maia Santino
Patrick Sweeney
Darragh Morgan
Justin Akhimien
Aidan Felix Griffin

Liam Corrigan
Mia Dodsworth
Ciara Jimeno
Cillian Hassett
Rian Bradshaw
Reign Shekete
Penny Walsh
Deimantas Kopylovas
Scott Rogers
Senan Metadjer
Darragh Callan

Taika Somerville-Booth
Izzy Clarke
Luka Parkivskyi

Cian Goss
Aodhan Brendan Crosby
Emily Ward
Nick Kidiamboko
Olexandr (Sascha) Kolodochka

Yehor Chepur

Smart Moves Certificate Winners

9. Seachtain na Gaeilge Quiz Team Winners

The Leprechauns
Clara O’Connell
Zane Ali
Faith Scanlon
Daithí McElroy
Merlin Toth

The Sausage Dogs
Karolina Sadaukas
Annie Henty
Ronan Henry

Seachtain na Gaeilge Quiz Team Winners

10. Síogloa Class

Last, but certainly not least, to the wonderful pupils in our new ASD class, Síologá – many congratulations on completing your first year at St Francis NS.

Arijus Blankus
Ember Carolan
Hazel Coburn-Duffy
Tom Gallagher
Ollie McCourt
Israel Perkone

Congratulations to all !!!

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