Physical Activity

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Here are some of our 6th Class children preparing for our annual school Céilí.

Across the school, our aim is to remain as active as we can throughout the school day. There are many initiatives in place to ensure that this is achieveable from infants to 6th Class.As a school, we currently take part in the Daily mile in conjunction with our local sports partnership LLSP. Each day, the children aim to run a mile around either the football pitch or the school yard.



To ensure our breaks are alwasy busy, even when it’s raining outside, we do go noodle, which the children absolutely love – this ensures that they can remain active, even if the weather isn’t on our side!


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At the beginning of this academic year, playground leaders were trained to zone and conduct games on the infant yard. These children discussed the types of games which they would like to see on the yard and the equipment that they would need to be successful. Each leader received a pack with a variety of games and new equipment was ordered. Each day at lunch time, playground leaders choose buddies from 6th Class to assist them on the yard with the games.

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