All parents of St Francis NS are members of the Parent’s Association.

Regular meetings are held in the school (usually on a Wednesday evening) and parents are notified in advance via the school Facebook Page and via Aladdin message.

The next meeting meeting is on Tuesday the 24th of January at 6 pm.

What is a Parent’s Association?

The Parent’s Association forms an integral part of our school community and a dedicated committee works hard throughout the year on tasks including:

  • Maintaining communication with all parents via the school Facebook Page.
  • Organising information/social events for new parents to the school.
  • Organising welcome events for new pupils to the school.
  • Arranging talks on topics of interest to parents, e.g. guest speaker on parenting/discipline etc.
  • Preparing school handbooks/calendars.
  • Providing support/organisational input to major school events, e.g. Inter-cultural Day, Healthy Eating Day, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, etc.
  • Channeling parents views on school policy issues to the school Principal and Board of Management.
  • Helping to organise and supervise extracurricular activities.
  • Organising Fund Raising Events for the school.

Each parent of a child enrolled in the school is automatically a member of the Parents Association and the active participation of a large number of parents is necessary to maintain the level of parental support our school so desperately needs.

Meetings are held monthly and notification will be sent to parents via the Facebook page, Aladdin message and on the parents Class WhatsApp groups.   All are welcome to attend.

For further information please contact:

PA Email address:

C0-Chairs:  Joanne Connolly (086 416 1420) and Emma Lynn (083 966 3444)

Secretaries:  Jean Bailey (087 634 2037) and Elise Kierans (087 773 9542)

Treasurers: Louise O’Callaghan (086 805 8128) & Kirsty O’Hare (086 203 5160)

PRO’s:  Shannon Dodsworth (089 492 8131) & Junior Mullins (086 215 0115)

The above officers were elected at the PA Annual General Meeting on 26/10/2022

The PA also has a class rep system with a Parent Representative in each class acting as a liaison between the PA and the parents.  These Class reps look after the WhatsApp Group for each class, which is a chat group exclusively for parents in the class to discuss any class related issues.

If you are not a member of your child’s class group, please message your relevant class rep.

The reps for this year are:

6th Class:  Georgina McCabe (087 230 8444)

5th Class A:  Fionnuala Griffin (086 173 4403)

5th Class B:  Nessa Duggan ( 087 987 9242)

4th Class:  Paula McGuinness-Smith (087 459 0335)

3rd Class A:  Joanne Connolly (086 416 1420)

3rd Class B:  Rachel Walsh (087 660 2976)

2nd Class A:  Susan Walls (085 724 5039)

2nd Class B:  Meadhbh Moore (087 283 8348)

1st Class A:  Joanne Connolly (086 416 1420)

1st Class B:  Louise Colgan (086 805 6128)

Senior Infants A:  Caroline Dillon (087 973 7346)

Senior Infants B:  Emma Lynn (083 966 3444)

Junior Infants A:  Kirsty McCrea (086 203 5160)

Junior Infants B:  Elise Kierans (087 773 9542)

Síológa:  Karen Gallagher (086 884 4468)

Where does our fundraising money go?

Just some of the items that the Parent Association funded in recent times:

  • Yoga and mindfulness taster sessions for pupils
  • Defibrillator for school
  • New PE equipment and goal posts/nets for the outside pitch
  • Bee-Bot Robots for Junior classes.
  • IZAK9 Maths Resources for all classes.
  • Scratch Coding classes for 2nd to 6th classes.
  • Internet Safety Training for all classes.
  • Internet Safety Talk for parents.
  • Mindfulness for 6th class – preparation for moving up to Secondary School.
  • Purchase of more pupil chromebooks in classrooms
  • € 1,500 donated towards the purchase of STEM resources throughout the school.
  • € 4,500 raised from Scholastic Book Fair which will entitle the school to book vouchers in the coming year.
  • Reception Party in school for families of pupils making their First Holy Communion and souvenir photo for all pupils.
  • Easter Egg Hunt for Infant classes.