The resource lists show the books and schemes we will be using in school next year.  With the introduction of the new school book grant from this year, parents no longer have to pay for books used in school or for copy books.  This includes books that pupils write in (workbooks) and text books which parents formerly “rented” for the year.  All books remain property of the school.  There is however still a charge for folders, stationery, art & crafts, photocopying and 24/7 Pupil Accident Insurance with Allianz.  The cost for this is a flat rate of €50 per pupil.  Please use the link on Aladdin Connect to make payments (which will be enabled in the at the end of July 2023).

Resource Lists 2023/2024

We appreciate that not all parents are able to pay the full amount at the start of the school year and should you prefer to spread the cost and pay in instalments, this is absolutely fine.