Key to Learning – Behaviour Plan

This year our Code of Behaviour and Key to Learning Behaviour Plan was reviewed and a whole school Key to Learning reward system was implemented.

This has been up and running since March 2019 and has been a huge success.

All classes are working really hard to “fill their buckets”.

The Key to Learning School Display is located in the main school corridor where pupils enter and exit the building to the school yard.



Each class is encouraged to get their own class buckets filled with stars and hearts.

School staff can reward classes with a star or heart when positive behaviour is observed.

The class with the most stars/hearts at the end of the month win a treat.

The class can decide on their treat.This winning class is announced at our monthly school assembly.



March 2019: 2nd Class  (Miss Harlin)  Popcorn Party
April 2019: 5th Class (Mrs. Donaghy)  Mullen’s Takeaway
May 2019: 6th Class  (Miss McKevitt)  P.E. morning, trip to the park, picnic and ice-cream
June 2019: 3rd Class  (Miss Gray)  Mullen’s takeaway AND Junior Infants B (Miss McCann) Popcorn Party and DVD

For the new school year 2019/2020 we have 2 awards – one for juniors and one for seniors

September 2019: JIA (Mrs O’Rourke) Popcorn Party
October 2019 :
SIA (Miss Kellegher) Popcorn Party, 6th Class (Miss McKevitt) PJ party in class
November 2019:
December 2019:
SIB (Mrs Sweeney) Popcorn Party

Clink on the link to download a copy of our Key To Learning – Behaviour Plan

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