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Ms McCann 🙂

22nd June 2020

Congratulations you have made it to the final week!

You have been a super class and I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of you. I have loved being your Junior Infant teacher and will always be sorry we didn’t get to complete it together.

Parents, your child has now completed their first year in school and it’s one we’ll never forget! I appreciate all the effort you have put in. The silver lining in being at home rather than school has to be the extra quality time your child has had with their family. I’ve no doubt they have learned many new things and developed different skills that they may have not the opportunity to in a classroom of 28 pupils. Thank you sincerely for all your support.

I look forward to seeing you all on August 26th with your new class teacher. I can’t wait to hear all your stories and to see those bright smiles I was greeted with every day at school.

This week we have attached some ideas for a virtual Sport’s Day to have at home as we have missed our Sport’s Day in school this year. If you can, write or draw about some of the activities you completed.  Which one was your favourite and why? Did you find any really easy/difficult and why?

Continue to be great little helpers over the summer for your parents. Keep reading, writing, drawing, cutting, creating and having lots of fun both in and outside. And always remember our school rule: Be safe and be a friend!

Anyone who still has any library books or readers that need to be returned could you please follow the instructions posted earlier in the week on the school website. More details can be found in the following link

Message from Our Principal – 19th June 2020

Suggested ideas for sports day at home.

Have a fantastic summer boys and girls. I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Ms McCann 🙂

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