Junior Infants B

Junior Infants B


Welcome to the Junior Infants B webpage.

All of the relevant information will be posted here so keep checking in.

Miss McCann

email: missmccann@stfrancisns.ie



23rd October 2020


Please see below important letter from the HSE to all parents of pupils in Junior Infants B



30th September 2020


From Monday St Francis NS will use Seesaw for our forum for contacting parents, homework, celebration school life and in the case of distance learning should it be needed. Tomorrow your child will take home an access code to login to their individual Seesaw account. There is a QR code that can be scanned to open their account instead of inputting login details each time. keep this laminated page safe as it will be needed each time you login. Please begin to use this account as we have posted important information.


On Monday we will begin sending homework folders home. Please ensure these folders are kept in your child’s bag for use in school and at home. We will follow HSE Covid guidelines when using using these. Please see our class Seesaw for further information.

18th September 2020


Please note that PE will take place on Wednesdays for this term. Ensure that your child wears their school tracksuit and runners to school on this day each week.

We will also begin doing our 1km run each day. We advise wearing runners daily.

Morning activities:

Check out some photos of the fun activities we have been doing in school


11th September 2020

As Junior and Senior Infants have a lot to carry and they have cubby holes in their classrooms which keep their belongings safe and separate, from Monday they may use a school bag to hold all of their belongings. We will use this as practise for packing and unpacking for when homework will go home in October.
Healthy Lunches
We are a health promoting school. Healthy items only please. No chocolate or nuts allowed.
We recommend a piece of fruit (cut or pre-pealed), a sandwich and a drink.  Ensure your child can open and close their lunch boxes and items.
Coats and bags
Thank you for practicing this at home. Please continue so that we can master this skill.

04th September 2020

What a wonderful week! I hope the children have had as much fun as I have had. A huge well done to all the children for settling into school life so quickly and positively.

Same homework for the weekend please! Ask your child to practise putting on and off their coats lots of times, including zipping/buttoning it up and correcting the arms when inside out. Your child needs to be able to do this independently please.

Some children have also been having difficulty with some of their lunch boxes and food items. Please ensure they can independently open and close these for themselves. Practise this with them. Food items in a packet or fruit such as bananas etc may need to be pre-opened for them.

If you have not already done so please bring in a colouring in book and an adult’s sized t-shirt for art labelled and in a labelled plastic bag . The adult sized t-shirt makes it easier for your child to put on over their uniform and it covers more area.

From Monday 7th September, JIB will finish school at 1:45.

Please find below some pictures of your children engaging in our Morning Play Activities.

Wishing you all a lovely relaxing weekend,

Miss Mc Cann




28th August 2020

We have had a fantastic start to our Junior Infant year. All of the children have settled in really well.

Homework for the weekend 😉 includes practising putting on and off their coats lots of times, including zipping/buttoning it up and correcting the arms when inside out. Your child needs to be able to do this independently please.

Thank you for your patience at hometime. The children have been instructed to stay on their green dot until I call them. This is to ensure their safety. Please do not call them to you. As we get to know your faces this process will speed up somewhat.

If you have not already done so please bring in a colouring in book and an adult’s sized t-shirt for art labelled and in a labelled plastic bag . The adult sized t-shirt makes it easier for your child to put on over their uniform and it covers more area.

Next week Junior Infants start school at the same time as the rest of the school (8:45am for siblings and 9:00am children with no siblings). Junior Infants B finish school at 12:00 next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Mc Cann

24th August 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians

As we make the final preparations for welcoming our new Junior Infants, we wanted to send a message to all parents of the new Junior Infants to clarify a few queries which have arisen and to reiterate the schedule for the first few days..

1. Junior Infants need not bring in a packed lunch this week as they are only in school for a short period. Please send them in with a healthy lunch and water bottle from Monday 31st August.

2. On their first day, please send them in with a colouring book and an old T-shirt for art, placed in a named carrier bag. This will remain in the classroom throughout the year.

3. Parents coming by car may bring their car in to the school grounds, and parents coming on foot may enter the school grounds, to hand over their child to a member of staff at the front of the school. Staff members will take them to the classroom.

4. Junior Infants A will arrive at 9.45am and Junior Infants B at 10am (for the first 3 days) then will revert to the same drop off times (8.45-9.15am) as the rest of the school from Monday 31st August

5. Junior Infants A will be brought by school staff to the front of the school for pick up at 11.45am and Junior Infants B at 12.00 until until Friday 4th September and from Monday 7th they will revert to their regular pick up times of 1.35pm (JIA) and 1.45pm (JIB)

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your children to St Francis.

Kind regards,
Elaine O’Rourke and Realtein McCann – Junior Infants Teachers


18th August 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are looking forward to your child’s first day school. It is a very exciting time for them and although this year is different we intend to make it as special and happy as we can for them!

Due to COVID restrictions and procedures we will have two start dates. This will allow us to teach these procedures in a smaller group setting so that all pupils are aware of how to be as safe as possible at school.

Junior Infants B will start their first few days at 10.00am so that they can avoid the morning rush and have a more relaxing transition. The start dates are as follows:

Surnames that start with the letters:

A-Mac: Start school at 10am Wednesday 26th of August and do NOT come in on Thursday 27th
Mag-Z (including Mc surnames): Start school at 10am Thursday 27th of August and do NOT come in on Wednesday 26th
All pupils will come together as a whole class group on Friday 28th of August at 09:45am.

From Monday 31st the Junior Infants will start school at the normal time (between 08:45-09:15, following the same procedures as the rest of the school to allow for a staggered intake for social distancing and ease of traffic).  Please visit the school website here for copies of all messages related to the re-opening of school.

All Junior Infants will finish at 12 midday initially and from Monday 9th September Junior Infants B will finish at 1.45pm.

As outlined in the Roadmap, parents may not leave their cars. Staff members will be at the set down area to take your child/ren to their class. Junior Infants B will be collected at the GREEN spots/ground markings along the set down area. Your child/ren can be collected from this same area at home time.

Demonstrate excitement about school. Discuss COVID measures in a practical way to safeguard them but do not let them know of your worries about COVID in relation to school. Children will follow your lead. If you are excited, happy and positive about school, the more likely they will be. Talk about your/siblings favourite times in school. Discuss what they might be looking forward to.

Most children will be fine on the first day (we still believe it is probably harder on the parents!). However, there may be some children that become overwhelmed and this is completely normal. We appreciate that it is very difficult for a parent to leave a crying child but the children are always absolutely fine after a short while. We as teachers are used to this and will be able to distract them and have them happy again in no time! The quicker the goodbye, the easier it will be for your child. We will always look after them. Be rest assured that if we think we need you, we will call you. We will never leave a child distressed for too long (however we have yet to need to make that call!).

Things to help prepare your child for school:

• Read stories about starting school: these can help children understand school routines, ask questions, discuss their feelings and get excited about school.
• Give children practical solutions to any worries they may have i.e. making friends- discuss how to say hello, introduce themselves and how to engage with others.
• Practice the practicalities: practise putting on their uniform and shoes (Velcro fastening); on and off their coat (using zipz/buttons); opening and closing their lunch box and drinks (please make their lunch easily accessible: fruit pre-pealed, limited packaging, easily opened bottle/containers).
• Explain the procedures for dropping off and collecting your child. Have them prepared for a quick goodbye so that a staff member can take them to start all the fun they will have in their classroom.

Starting school can be an emotional rollercoaster for both parents and children. With your support we hope to make this special time as positive as possible. Channel any nerves into excitement!  Finally, if you have not already collected your parent pack from the school office, please call in to collect it by this Friday.  After this date, the school will no longer be open to parents.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Realtein McCann – Junior Infants B Class Teacher

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