Junior Infants B

Welcome to the Junior Infants B webpage.

All relevant information will be posted here so please try to check this page regularly.

Ms. McCann ­čÖé


9th May 2019



19th March:

The ‘Just Handwriting’ books will be going home in the folders this week.

These books are now completed. Please┬áremove┬áthem from the folders along with any art work or notes that are still in your child’s folder.

27th February:

Show and tell

This week we will be starting show and tell. Each table will have a day of the week for show and tell.

Tuesday- Green table

Wednesday- Blue table

Thursday- Yellow table

Friday- Pink table

10th December: 


Please send all children into school in their school uniforms on the 17th of December as per usual. All costumes needed for the nativity will be provided and therefore parents do not need to send anything into school.

10th October:

Important notices:

Please empty your child’s folder regularly. This is essential as we do not see important notes or money coming in if folders are too full ­čÖé

Please send back your child’s Christmas card template by┬áthis Friday 12th Oct.

Anyone who has not sent back the MMR vaccination form could you please send them back ASAP. 

Our poem for Speech and Drama this week is as follows:


When the Giant comes to Breakfast

John Coldwell

When the giant comes to breakfast, 

He eats Corn Flakes with a spade, 

Followed by a lorry load

of toast and marmalade.

Next, he takes a dustbin,

Fills it up with tea, 

Drinks it all in a gulp,

And leaves the mess for me. 


19th September:

Please check your child’s folder EVERY NIGHT and remove anything that is completed and sent home, along with any notes that have been provided from the school.

Tonight and tomorrow night the children will be finishing the last two pages of their pre-writing booklets, these booklets are in the folders open on the correct page and dated for your convenience.

Please do not forget to practice the sounds EVERY NIGHT as they are essential for your child’s progression. If you see a ‘?’ it means that the child was unsure of the sound in school that day.

We had our first Speech and Drama lesson today and the children really enjoyed it. Our poem this week is ‘So What!’ please practice this as part of the homework:

So What!

Colin McNaughton

If I still have a dummy, so what!

If I cuddle my mummy, so what!

I’ll atop when I’m ready,

And as for my teddy,

If he helps me to sleep, then SO WHAT! 

6th September:


The Jolly Phonics CD can be removed from the folder and listened to at home, however, I will want these CD’s back at the end of the year so please keep them safe.

The sounds book will be placed into the folder for Monday night. The children have learned ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’, please revise these EVERY NIGHT to ensure your child does not fall behind.

A library book will be placed into the folder for Monday, please read this with your child.

Next week, please continue to do the homework dated for each night in the booklet.


3rd September:


N.B. – Your child’s folder will be checked every second day.

My Pre-writing Workbook is in each child’s folder, please complete the two pages dated 3/9. This book will be dated each night so please complete the relevant pages with your child. This homework should take no longer then 15 minutes.

There is also an ICT and social media acceptable usage policy form in the folder, please read, sign and return this form ASAP. If you have any issues or questions about this please contact the office or make an appointment with me.

Lastly, there is a contribution card in your child’s folder. This contribution card assists with the payment of extra school activities such as speech and drama and Fitkidz, ect. Please place contributions into the zip-lock bag and a star will be placed on the card to indicate that a contribution has been made.


Please ensure all items are labelled with your child’s name. In addition please ensure your child can open and close all lunch boxes, bottles, drink and food items themselves.


When homework begins a folder will be sent home with your child. Please keep your child’s folder in their school bag at all times.

Contribution cards can remain in the folder throughout the year and stickers will be added to acknowledge payment but please remove all other notes as they come home throughout the year. It is important this folder is checked every evening as it will contain any notes/homework/completed work, etc.

I will send home a note explaining how Jolly Phonics works with the CD. I will be asking for the CD’s to be returned when we finish all our sounds so I have them for the following year but you can keep them out of the folder for now.

We will start our ‘Sounds Books’ next week. The sounds will be dated to the end of every week (generally we cover 3 sounds a week) so please only revise them as we cover them with your child. Please do not mark or tick the sounds, the teachers will tick and date them when checked in school. ‘Word books’ will be added as we progress through the sounds to encourage blending the sounds together to build words. Please come and see me if you need any help in understanding this programme. You will notice that your child’s folder (sounds/words,etc) will only be checked every second day but I do ask you to revise the sounds EVERY night.

Homework for Junior Infants should take no longer than 15 minutes and will be a revision of work completed in school. The pages will be dated at the top so please only allow your child to complete the correct pages on the correct day.

Speech and Drama:

We have speech and drama every Wednesday in the coming year. A poem will be posted here each week, please practice the poem as part of the homework.


PE will take place every Tuesday, please ensure children wear the school tracksuit and runners on this day each week.

We will begin FIT-Kids on Tuesday September 11th for a 6 week block.