Easter message from our Principal

Dear Parents/Gaurdians and staff of St Francis NS,

It’s just over three weeks since Thursday 12 March, when word arrived that we were to close all schools from that evening. It left schools with less than two hours to prepare for what has since become the most unprecedented and unparalleled event in living memory.

We have learned a few things along the way:

We cannot expect a day at home to run like a day at school. It is counterproductive to burden children with too much work to be completed.

Work given is a menu, not a prescription.

For many families, for example where someone is ill, or where a parent has lost their job, school will be temporarily down the list of priorities.

All families have differing levels of access to IT devices, broadband, parental or guardian support and space to work.

We are all doing ok…..may we continue to do so.


Yesterday, Friday April 3rd, is the day we would all have been closing for Easter holidays, when we would be looking forward to enjoying two weeks of rest, relaxation and family time. Easter 2020 places us in different circumstances, but perhaps one in which it is all the more important to honour this annual holiday. The last three weeks have been challenging. Even in the very best case scenario going forward, we have more challenging times to come. Let us take this time to rest, to brace ourselves for ongoing tough times but, most importantly, to enjoy precious time with our loved ones.

We wish you a special two weeks of down time. We wish you, your families and our school community health and safety, and we look forward to working together in the times ahead.

Le gach dea mhéin,


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