Covid 19 World Service


We have been asked to share this very worthwhile information which may be of use to our school community. It basically offers advice to Irish residents for whom English is not their first language, about COVID-19. RTE featured it here:

Covid 19 World Service is a joint initiative of nasc and Together Ireland. Over 20 doctors, and other healthcare professionals, from around the world, but living and working in Ireland, have voiced the video messages for this new Covid-19 World Service Initiative aimed at providing up-to-date and accurate public health information to migrants living in Ireland.

They have information videos in Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, English, French, Georgian, Hindi, Hungarian, Irish, Kurdish (Sorani), Lingala, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Urdu and Yoruba.

Video 1: General advice on how to prevent the contraction and spread of the virus.

Video 2: Information on self-isolation, what to do if you test positive for Covid 19 or are a contact of someone who ha.

The videos will be updated regularly with new videos and can be found at the Covid-19 World Service / nasc website.

They are available in the following languages:

Arabic / عربى
Bengali / বাংলা
Bulgarian / български
Catalan / Català
Croatian / Hrvatski
Czech / čeština
Georgian / ქართული ენა
Hindi / हिन्दी
Kurdish Sorani / Kurdiya Soranî
Lithuanian / Lietuvių kalba
Macedonian / Македонски
Malay/ Bahasa Melayu
Pashto / د پښتو ژبه
Polish / Polskie
Portuguese / Português
Romanian / Română
Russian /русский язык
Serbian / Srpski
Spanish/ Español
Ukrainian / Українська
Urdu / اردو

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