Return to School Covid 19 Updates


Please remember that we are going through a Pandemic. 

All safety measures we ask of you are to safeguard your children, the staff of our school and yourselves. 

What if my child presents with Covid-19 symptoms?

Common symptoms of Covid-19 include:

  • Fever – 38 degrees celcius or above
  • Cough (usually dry)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Lost or changed sense of smell or taste
  • Fatigue
  • Aches and pains
  • Sore throat (sometimes)
  • Runny or stuffy nose (sometimes)

Parents should not send their child to school if displaying any of the symptoms listed above.

If a child falls ill at school, parents or guardians will be contacted immediately and their child isolated from others as they await collection.

This Letter will be given to parents when collecting their child.

The guidelines note that “the virus is spread by droplets and is not airborne so physical separation is enough to reduce the risk of spread to others even if they are in the same room.”

The child will be provided with a mask and will be accompanied by a member of staff while maintaining social distancing.

Parents should take their child home immediately and inform their general practitioner by phone of their child’s symptoms.

At no point will the identity of any child with symptoms or with a positive test be released by the school.

The response to confirmed cases or outbreaks of Covid-19 in the community or in a school is the responsibility of and will be led and managed by Public Health HSE.

All decisions as to appropriate actions following a confirmed case or outbreak will be made by their teams in the context of a full Public Health Risk Assessment procedure.

*** If your child is returning to school having been off sick with Covid symptons please complete the ONLINE ABSENCE FORM for our records. ***


The ISOLATION QUICK GUIDE (printed below) from the HSE Protection Surveillance Centre is a very useful guide to isolating and restricted movements.

Return to School: Wednesday 26th August

The school will re-opened to pupils on Wednesday 26th August.

Thank you to everyone for you co-operation with the new staggered times as we re-opened.

We were all a little nervous about starting back to school last week, and wondering how the children would manage without their parents walking them to the inner gate.

Thankfully. it all worked out pretty well – with the odd hiccup here and there as we might expect.
Thank you especially to you, our parents and guardians, who not only had the children very well prepared for coming back to school, but also patiently cooperated with the staff to make the drop off and pick up work so well.
Only cars carrying infants may enter the main gate. No parent/guardian may leave their car except to assist an infant out of the vehicle.
All other pupils must walk from the main gate to the inner gate. Siblings may enter the school grounds at 8.45am, all others at 9.00am. No pupils may enter through the main (centre) gate. They must wait until the side gate is opened at 8.45am.
Pupils may not enter the school grounds until 8.45am.
Junior Infants will continue to finish at 11.45 (JIA) and 12.00 (JIB until Friday 4th September
From Monday 7th September they will finish at the regular times and continue for the rest of the year.  1.35pm JIA and 1.45pm JIB


Summary of New Protocols

  • Parents will may not enter the school building
  • Meetings must be by prior appointment arranged via email
  • DROP AND GO – Only cars carrying Infants and SEN pupils to enter the gate please
  • Perhaps allow your child to independently walk or cycle to school (perhaps you could stay at home . . . .)
  • Park and Stride (Gort na Glaise, Gort na Mara, Sextons, etc) or even drop off your children and let them walk the short distance alone?
  • No schoolbags – home things stay at home, school things stay in school
  • Let your child know that there will be no sharing of personal items
  • Bring lunch and water bottle and coats only
  • No homework for September
  • Arrival: Staggered arrival between 8.45am and 9.15am. Children go directly to classrooms.
  • Hometime:   Junior and Senior Infants A finish at 1.35pm (from Monday September 7th), Junior and Senior Infants B at 1.45pm  (from Monday September 7th), First to Sixth Class – Siblings will leave at 2.30pm; all other pupils at 2.45pm.
  • There will be NO homework club, after school infant care or after school activities until further notice
  • Playtime: classes (bubbles) will not mix – children will only play within their own class
  • Practice correct handwashing, use of sanitizer, and coughing into their elbow with your child
  • Contact details – we need as many as you can supply if your child is unwell
  • Your child’s learning – we will pick up where we left off in March, particularly key concepts in maths.


Wellbeing:  We will work hard on creating a happy, calm learning environment for your children. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to do this. 


Links to the DESS, HSE and other Government publications

  1. Advice and Resources for parents
  2. Video from the Irish Independent which gives a brief idea of some of the changes in store for the new school year.
  3. Re-opening our Primary Schools from
  4. Roadmap for the Full Return to School.
  5. Age Friendly Louth: Message from our Older People’s Forum on Grandchildren returning to school.

School documentation relating to Return to School.

The following letters have been sent to parents via Komeer.

If you have not received the Komeer message, please ensure you have the most up to date version of the Komeer App.  (see here for more information.)

  1. Drop Off and Collection Routines 17Aug2020
  2. Physical Distancing and Safe School Attendance 11Aug2020
  3. Letter for the Principal 06Aug2020
  4. Covid Return To School Plan 18Aug2020
  5. Letter to Parents 240820
  6. Covid-19 Policy Statement Aug 2020
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