Reading Recovery

In Autumn 2015 St Francis NS embarked on Reading Recovery, a research-based intervention programme with the prime goals of accelerating literacy learning and reducing reading and writing failure difficulties by targeting children who may need support in Senior Infants/First Class.

It was developed in New Zealand by educator and psychologist Marie Clay, who used evidenced from her intensive research and observation of good classroom practice to develop Reading Recovery.


Reading Recovery:
• identifies students experiencing reading and writing difficulties after their first year of school
• provides an intensive, individually designed and individually delivered series of lessons for 30 minutes each day
• is supplementary to the ongoing literacy activities in the classroom

A Reading Recovery teacher has special training to find out exactly what your child finds hard about reading and writing. Your child’s Reading Recovery lessons will be based on what he or she knows and will be adapted to make it easy to learn. The teacher will give your child an individual 30-minute lesson every day for 12 to 20 weeks. In that time you should see your child’s reading and writing improve quickly. This new learning usually helps children feel more confident about classroom work, too.

With information gained during Reading Recovery lessons, teachers can make good decisions about future support your child may need.

Therefore, Reading Recovery is not a remedial reading program. Rather, it is based on early identification to prevent reading failure occurring.

Watch the video below to see Reading Recovery in action

If you would like to find out more about the programme at St Francis NS, please contact Elaine O’Rourke ( or Sarah Gray (

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