Junior Infants A

9th May 2019


10th December:

The Christmas concert/Nativity will take place next Monday, 17th December for infant classes and 1st class. Parents, grandparents and friends may arrive any time after 12.30pm. Please send all children into school in their school uniforms on the 17th of December as per usual. All costumes needed for the nativity will be provided and therefore parents do not need to send anything into school.




25th October 2018

Yesterday we had a special visit from Trish the Witch (our Speech & Drama teacher Patricia Reynolds) and she took us outside on a bear hunt.
Thank you for a great day Trish The Witch!
Wishing all the pupils and their families a happy mid term break.
Kind regards,
Miss Reynolds

Hi everyone,
Just a quick reminder about a few things.
Can you please ensure that all items are labelled with your child’s name please.
Please ensure that all home work ie.. sounds, songs, and 1 page of writing/matching etc is completed every night.

Speech and Drama
We have speech and drama every Wednesday now and the children are learning poems. I will post the poem on here. Please practice this poem at home as part of homework.

Regarding P.E– We will have Fit-kids for P.E after Halloween as Niall is booked up. I will continue to do P.E every Tuesday until then so please ensure children have school tracksuits on every Tuesday.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Junior Infant page. I will use this page and update it regularly so please keep checking it for updates, notes and photo’s.

Each child has been given their homework folder. Please ensure they take this with them to school every day. We are doing sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, and ‘t’ this week so please revise these with your child. From tomorrow on we will have some written homework also. It will usually be English/handwriting for Monday and Tuesday and then Maths Wednesday and Thursday. The first few weeks will be a little bit different and it will be mostly worksheets. The date will be on top of the worksheet for that night so you will know which one to do. Please ensure all homework is completed and returned to school.

We are getting our school photograph tomorrow morning so please ensure your child is in full uniform.

We are also getting a taster class in P.E (Fitkids) tomorrow morning and then we will pick our 6 week slot. When we confirm the details I will put it up on this page so you know what day we have P.E and what day the children are to wear their school tracksuits etc.

Please spend some time reading the notes on this page as they are important.

Just a few reminders for all parents:

Please ensure your child’s folder can fit in their school bags and that they are able to open and close all lunch boxes and drink bottles themselves. Please also peel pieces of fruit or have them pre-chopped so it is easier for your child to eat in the short break that we have.

Please label ALL belongings: jumpers, drink bottles, lunch boxes, coats, etc.

Please keep your child’s folder in their school bag at all times. Notes were sent home in the folders (Milk note, Contribution cards and Absence notes). Contribution cards can remain in the folder throughout the year and stickers will be added to acknowledge payment but please remove all other notes as they come home throughout the year. It is important this folder is checked every evening as it will contain any notes/homework, etc.

I will send home a note explaining how Jolly Phonics works with the CD. I will be asking for the CD’s to be returned when we finish all our sounds so I have them for the following year but you can keep them out of the folder for now. We will start our ‘Sounds Books’ next week. The sounds will be dated to the end of every week (generally we cover 3 sounds a week) so please only revise them as we cover them with your child. Please do not mark or tick the sounds, the teachers will tick and date them when checked in school. ‘Word books’ will be added as we progress through the sounds to encourage blending the sounds together to build words. Please come and see me if you need any help in understanding this programme. You will notice that your child’s folder (sounds/words,etc) will only be checked every second day but I do ask you to revise the sounds EVERY night.

Homework for Junior Infants should take no longer than 15 minutes and will be a revision of work completed in school. The pages will be dated at the top so please only allow your child to complete the correct pages on the correct day.



This page will be updated regularly and will contain important information regarding events in our classroom. Please keep an eye on it for any updates. We are a green school and to save paper I tend to use this page to update parents rather than sending home notes all the time 🙂

Thank you all very much for your co-operation. Miss Reynolds 🙂