4th Class


Homework the week beginning 21st October 

Reading to be done every night.

Spellings and dictation: This week we will revise the spellings we have focused on so far this term.

Gaeilge: An Chailleach

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Maths: Work it Out- Week 8. Tables: x6

Speech and Drama poem- Santa did you get my tweet?

Project work: Projects are due Friday the 25th October.

Some children will be competing in the FAI Louth Futsal tournament on  Wednesday the 23rd October. These children are asked to bring in their sports gear and an extra drink in a bag. Please note that steel studs are not allowed.


Homework 14th October 

Reading to be done every night.

Spellings and dictation: This week we will continue to focus on homophones.

Gaeilge: For the past few weeks, the children have been learning to sing ‘Beidh aonach amárach’. They have Irish song sheets with the lyrics of this song.  There is also a karaoke verison on YouTube that they can sing along to if they wish.

Maths: Work it Out- Week 7. Tables: x3

Art: For art this week, we will be making spooky houses. Children are asked to bring in a small cardboard box.

Speech and Drama poem- Santa did you get my tweet?

Project work: Well done to the children on the amazing projects they have produced so far! Our final project before midterm will be based on houses. We have been learning all about houses in SESE. The children are now going to design their own house. Projects can be presented in PowerPoint, posters, a 3D model or a mixture of these. All PowerPoints can be emailed to me at misstreadwell@stfrancisns.ie or can be brought in on a USB. Projects are due on Friday the 25th October. I have thoroughly explained this project to the children. If your child is having difficulty with any element of this project, please let me know.


  • Architect: Draw some plans of the layout of your house and make sure to label the rooms.
  • Builder: List some building materials a builder may need to build a house
  • What will the outside of your house look like?
  • Pick your favourite room in the house. What would you have in this room? Why is this your favourite room?
  • Make sure to include sentences/paragraphs.
  • Children can include pictures or drawings in this project.
  • We are also working on some presentation skills (making eye contact with the audience, introducing and ending our presentation)



Homework 7th October 

Reading to be done every night.

Spellings and dictation: This week we will be focusing on homophones (isle/aisle, aloud/allowed etc.)

Gaeilge: The children have been given an eleathanach to read throughout the week. I have read it with the children and explained the meanings in class.

Maths: Work it out- week 6. We are focusing on x12 times tables.

Project work: Just a reminder that project work is due on Monday the 14th October.

I have sent home instructions on how to view your child’s online portfolio. The portfolios have given the children a real purpose for writing. They  have really enjoyed adding pieces of writing to their portfolio and are looking forward to you reading them. If you have any problems joining, please let me know.


Homework 30th September

Christmas card fundraiserChristmas cards to be finished for homework.

Spellings and dictation: This week we are focusing on –able and –ible letter strings.

Gaeilge: The children have an Irish poem in their speech and drama copy to be practised each night (Is maith liom bainne).

Maths: We have decided to use ‘Work it out’ for maths homework. The children are working on week 5. Each section covers many strands so please don’t be concerned if your child does not understand some questions. Children can circle the questions they are having difficulty with and we will go through them together in class. We are learning x8 times tables this week.

Project work: This project is based on Europe. Each child will be given a country to research. I have taught the children how to use PowerPoint. Projects can be presented in poster form or PowerPoint. If children have chosen PowerPoint, they can either bring in a USB key on the due date or can email presentations to misstreadwell@stfrancisns.ie. The due date for this project  is Monday the 14th October.


  • Population of country
  • Capital city
  • Famous landmarks
  • What language is spoken in this country?
  • Currency
  • Traditional food
  • Pictures or drawings
  • Interesting facts or information


Homework 23rd September 

Maths: This week we are focusing on the topic of chance. On the IXL website, if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see ‘Probability and statistics.’ Children can work on activity W.1. Ten minutes per day is enough time for this.

Tables: This week we are focusing on x4 times tables.

Spelling: This week we are focusing on silent letters.

Project work: Projects are due this Friday the 27th September.

Gaeilge: Practise saying 4 lines of song each day


Homework 16th September
Maths: This week we are focusing on subtraction. Please see https://ie.ixl.com/  for lots of interactive games based on this topic. Please click Fourth Class, and in the subtraction section you will see activities that can be completed. Children can choose which activities to do within this section.  Ten minutes a day is enough time to spend on this.

Tables: This week we are focusing on x10 times tables.

Spelling: This week we will start a new spelling programme. Each day, I will call out a sentence for the children to write down. The words in these sentences include high frequency words and words with the spelling rule we are focusing on. We will then correct the sentence in class. The children will bring home their dictation copy each night and they must revise the spellings of the words with a dot beside them using the ‘ Look, say, cover, write, check’ strategy which I have explained in class.

Reading is to be done every night as usual.

Project work: For the next two weeks, the children will be doing a project on animals. Each child will be given an animal to research. The children will be asked to present their project in poster form.

• Description of physical appearance- length, weight, colours, markings etc.
• Where do these animals usually live? Describe their habitat
• Diet- what food does this animal eat, how often do they need to eat?
• Conservation status- (least concern, near threatened, vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered)
• Interesting facts about this animal
• Include pictures or drawings
Due date: This project is due on the 27th September.

Suggested Framework: 

Day 1 and 2: Research – answer the question or find the information on the chosen topic.

Day 3 and 4: Choose which key pieces of information only you will use – there will be more than enough information available.

Day 5 and 6: Start typing or writing the information in your own words and find or draw pictures/ diagrams/ maps etc.

Day 7 and 8: Complete visual project and rehearse presentation.


Class Dojo- online portfolios
Class Dojo is a website that is used in our classroom. Children can upload work that they have completed in school and are proud of. Parents are invited to view their child’s work on their online portfolio. This week, I will be sending home instructions and an individual code to each family so they can view their child’s work. I think this is a nice idea for parents to see the hard work that your child is doing in school. It gives the children a purpose for writing and will help improve typing and computer skills. Parents will only be able to see their own child’s work. The portfolios will be updated every few weeks.





Welcome back everyone!

As you know,  the school’s approach to homework has changed. Every night, the children will have reading homework. Children are expected to have the full book read over two nights. As some children may begin reading novels soon, they will not be expected to read the entire book within two nights but instead will be asked to write down how much they read each night (at least one chapter).

Each week the children will be given tables to revise and we will be beginning a new spelling programme soon. However, there will be no formal test on Fridays. Sometimes, the children may have a worksheet or another activity to complete for homework.

We have now begun using projects for homework. Depending on the topic, the class will be given one or two weeks to complete it. Each project will have a checklist for what information needs to be included. The current checklist has been written in the children’s SESE copies which are in their bags. Our first project is on the counties of Ireland. Each child has been given a piece of card and is asked to make a poster based on their county. This project is due on the 13th September.

In the coming weeks, I will be teaching the children how to use PowerPoint and Google Slides. The children will then get to choose what way they would like to present their future projects (poster or PowerPoint).

As the children’s homework is the same every night, they will only write it down on a Monday unless they have been given something additional to complete. To help me monitor the children’s projects, I would be grateful if they could write down a short sentence in their diary each evening to show what work they did for their project and then get it signed by an adult.

This page will be updated regularly and will contain important information regarding events in our classroom. Please keep an eye on it for any updates. We are a green school and to save paper we use this page to update parents rather than sending home notes all the time.

Thank you all very much for your co-operation.

Megan Treadwell
Class Teacher – 4th Class

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