2nd Class

Welcome to the 2nd class web page. Lot’s of important information will be posted here so please check back in regularly!

Ms. Twibill / Ms. Lundy 🙂

Monday 22nd June 2020


Good Morning 2nd Class…..  Congratulations everyone, you have made it to the final week!

The year is coming to an end and you will all be moving up to 3rd Class. We are sorry we didn’t get to complete it with you and we know the last few months have not been easy. It has been a great year and we want you to know that we have enjoyed every moment of teaching you. 

We want to thank you for the warmth,the memories, and the learning we have shared this year. You have kept us busy and it has been great fun. We hope you feel the same and that you will take what you have learned this year and build on it as you continue your studies. A little bit of each of you will always be with us. 

Always strive to be the BEST that you can be!!!

Enjoy your summer holidays and we look forward to seeing you all on the 26th of August with your new teacher.. We also have our First Holy Communion to Celebrate on Saturday 26th September and we can’t wait to celebrate it!

Each one of you has a bright future ahead of you. Work hard and enjoy your school days!

To the parents, we say THANK YOU for allowing us to be your child’s teacher. For putting your trust in us, it has been a wonderful and rewarding year for us.

Keep up with your reading over the Summer and remember to keep having fun!

Anyone who has  readers, novels or rental books to return could you please follow the instructions posted earlier on the school website.  More details can be found on the following link


Lastly to end our school year a little poem….


Our classroom is empty and so is our school.

We’re missing our friends. But we must follow the rules.

No more Golden Time, or Flashlight Friday or Outdoor Play.

A nasty ‘ole virus took all that away.

Who knew it would all come to such an abrupt end?

And we would not go back to our school again?

We have to be socially distant, they said.

And do all our schooling from home, instead.

So we got online and finished the year strong

With our parents’, help we followed along.

And we talked with our teachers through a phone or tablet

It’s all so strange, but don’t you ever forget

Though our time ended too soon, your teacher’s heart is so full

Because of all that YOU did and learned while at school.

She loves you so much and when she can finally see you

She will give you a BIG smile and a HUGE hug, or two.



Hopefully we will see you soon!!!!

Miss Twibill and Miss Lundy


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