2nd Class

Welcome to Second Class!

Monday 17/6/19

Wow! Last week was a busy week with Active Schools Week and this week is set to be another busy week!

Take a look below to see some the activities we participated in last week and so far this week.

Taste Fest: Organised by the Health Promotion Committee and 4th class. Thank you for letting us taste all the different healthy foods and showing us many ways to get different nutrients into our diets.

Chair Aerobics: We had fun doing a session of chair aerobics. It was tougher than it looks!

Karate: 2nd class had a fantastic time learning to do some Karate: punches, defence, footwork, etc.



Sports Day: We had lots of fun and the rain didn’t dampen our spirits. We will finish off some races before the end of the year. Look at some of the pictures of the three-legged race, sack race, relay, wheelbarrow race, beach-ball relay. These are only a few of the many photos of the day 🙂 


Fit Kids: Niall made sure to keep us all on our toes, hands, feet, head, etc. This circuit got the heart racing and students had a brilliant time tumbling, rolling, jumping, running, balancing, etc.


Dance: Thank you Cassandra for the great dance class and we really enjoyed the Dance Off 



Monday 10/6/19

First Holy Communion Thanksgiving Mass 

Our last Mass in the Do This in Memory Programme takes place this Sunday the 16th of June at 10am in St. Oliver Plunkett’s Church Blackrock. Please ensure your child is seated in the church at 9:50am. Congratulations once again to all the boys and girls who received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.


Homework Reminder:

We will have less written homework for the month of June and there will be more focus on reading, reporting and presenting information.

  • Maths: tasks will be based within our homes, shape hunts, counting items in the home, helping to set the table and plan how many items we need, etc.
  • Tables: we are working on skip counting. Counting in 2s up as far as 20, counting in 5s up as far as 50
  • Reading: please ensure students continue their graded reading and make sure to sign their reading record sheet. Students can focus on reading fluently and using their voice to interest their audience.
  • Active Homework for Active Schools week e.g. how many star jumps can you do in 1 minute? play a sport outdoors with your family members for 5 minutes, etc.
  • English: will be integrated with History, Geography and Science. We are working on projects, students are asked to research and gather information for their projects as part of their homework. Students can write down some facts or draw diagrams, etc if they wish to help them with their projects at school.

Students have been working hard with their projects and are enjoying presenting some of their findings to the class. We will continue working on our this for the next two weeks. If students are finished studying one topic they can move onto another topic of their choice. Take a look at some pictures below of students presenting their projects so far.

Keep up the good work.



Active Schools Week in St. Francis N.S. kicked off today. Students are asked to wear their P.E. uniform for the week.

Students in Second Class took part in the Run a Mile initiative. This was great fun! We will be doing this every day this week.


We also took part in Tag Rugby warm up games with a Leinster Rugby coach. Thank you to Mrs Clinton for organising this for us.





Tuesday 4/6/19

Homework: We will have less written homework for the month of June and there will be more focus on reading, reporting and presenting information.


30th May 2019

The last month/term is always busy and we will be doing many things including: buddy reading, maths trails, maths stations, projects and we will be studying a class novel. Watch this space!

Please keep an eye on this class page to keep up to date.


Active Homework

For homework, we will be focusing on Reading and learning our tables during the month of June.

  • Please ensure all pupils complete their reading and have their reading signed.
  • Homework for tonight Thursday the 30th May is to do a 3D shape hunt or a 1kg hunt for Maths and for English orally report on a topic of your choice clearly and confidently for 1 minute.


First Holy Communion
Last Saturday we received our First Holy Communion and we were so prepared for the special day. Thank you to our school for the party/reception in the school hall. Fr. Keenan and Mrs Sweeney gave us some treats to celebrate.

Our Thanksgiving Mass will take place on Sunday the 16th of June at 10am in St. Oliver Plunkett’s Church.


Tech Week



IZAK9 Maths

Second class having lots of fun doing IZAK9 maths challenges with 6th class students. We are so lucky to have all these cool resources in our school to help us to learn.


Maths Games with 6th Class


Certificates from Geraldines GFC

This year the Geraldines GFC coaches came to our school and we completed a block of Gaelic coaching. It was so much fun. Thank you to all involved.



Practising our Drama outside!

We told stories by creating still images.



16th May 2019

Monday 29/4/2019 

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the final term of 2nd class. I hope you had a very enjoyable Easter break and are back full of life and energy and ready to have lots of fun learning.
It was sad to have to say Goodbye to Miss Harlin but we will keep in touch with her.

Looking forward to doing plenty of fun and exciting work this term! Many thanks for your cooperation, Mrs Sweeney



Easter 2019

Today we said goodbye to Miss Harlin who has been teaching us throughout 2nd Class.  After Easter, Mrs Sweeney will be back from her maternity leave to take us for the rest of the year.

Goodbye Miss Harlin, we will miss you and we wish you the best in your new job.  Thank you for looking after us so well.  Here’s the poem we put on her card…

01 April 2019

The following letter and Registration Forms were sent home today for the new BE ACTIVE ASAP course for 2nd Class which will commence after the Easter Holidays on Wednesdays from 2.40-3.30pm.  This is FREE of charge and an excellent opportunity for pupils to get fit in a structured and fun way.


March 2019

Children in 2nd Class were introduced to the world of computer code, and the child-friendly coding application Scratch.  They worked in pairs to create a Cat Animation, a Game of Tip, On-screen Art and they even tried out the Video Sensing features, Sound Recording and Editing (a big hit with the whole class!).  There was so much enthusiasm from the boys and girls in 2nd class, and they all thoroughly enjoyed their coding classes each week.  The children were all presented with a certificate from Joan McCann of The Code Lab, to recognise their achievements.  Well done 2nd class!


10th December 2018

Just a quick reminder to everyone that the School Nativity and Concert is on next Monday 17th December at 7pm in the School Hall.

As the Communion Class, it usually falls on 2nd Class pupils to present the main Nativity play for the school.  All pupils have been working hard practising their lines in recent weeks and we are looking forward to performing to parents next Monday.

Pupils need to be in school by 6.30pm.  As regards costumes, we have a new class set of of costumes so parents need not worry about making costumes.  The angels need to wear white tights and a white long sleeved top to go under their costumes.  All other pupils to wear dark trousers or tights and dark long sleeved top.

Many thanks

Miss Harlin