2nd Class

Welcome to the 2nd class web page. Lot’s of important information will be posted here so please check back in regularly!

Ms. Twibill / Ms. Lundy 🙂

Congratulations to Peter and Aoibhinn on receiving a Maths Award for their contribution to Maths Week.

21st – 25th October 2019

Our learning this week will be focused around Halloween. The class have really enjoyed the work about the festival that we have done so far, and are looking forward to continuing this.

As it is the last week before our midterm break, projects will be due in on Thursday the 24th of October to allow time for presentations over Thursday and Friday. Children are always encouraged to hand their projects in if completed at an earlier date.
For our project this week, children have been given a writing template. They should write some sentences about their favourite thing about Halloween and draw a picture.

A sample plan to follow would be;
Monday – Choose topic and plan what will be written about
Tuesday – Write sentences and begin picture
Wednesday – Colour picture and read over project

Our Gaeilge homework this week;

An Chailleach
An bhfaca tu an chailleach?
Chonaic mé í.
Bhí hata mór ard agus guna dubh uirthi.
An bhfaca tú an ceann cait?
Chonaic mise é.
Bhí sí ag eitilt thuas sa spéir.


Monday 14th October 2019

This week is Maths Week in Ireland. Our school is participating in lots of fun Maths Learning. We have decided instead of a project this week we will base our homework on fun Numeracy Learning at home. Each child has been given two pages to take home with them to bring back in on Friday morning. I have explained to the class exactly what they have to do. The page is in their homework folder and is called ” Maths All Around Me at Home”. They can complete one fun activity every night.

Our Irish homework this week;

A brief overview of what we will be learning this week:

Story – Sparks in the sky
What is a noun?
Report Writing

Maths Week – In class activities, Maths Trail, Estimation Game, Junior Maths Quiz, Active Learning Stations, Maths Art, Maths Homework, Mental Maths etc

Adding onto 9
Twenty and Beyond

Gaeilge – An Scoil / Oiche Shamhna

History – Halloween as an Ancient Festival with Celtic Roots

Geography – How is Halloween celebrated in Mexico? – Dia De Los Muertos

Science – STEM: Spider Webs

SPHE – My Brain , Food Types

Visual Arts – STEM – Spider Webs, Dia de los Muertos

A quick reminder that our first mass in preparation for First Holy Communion takes place this Sunday 20th October at 10 am.

For station teaching we are using Chrome Books. If your child has as set of ear phones that they would like to use they can bring them in to school. Please do not feel that you have to go buy a set as the school has ordered some for us.

A massive thank you to the Geraldines for coaching us on Friday morning. It was so much fun.

Thursday 10th October 2019

STEM PROJECT – The children will explain to you what a STEM project is.

Each child was given some apples and some cocktail sticks. They were told to build the tallest tower they could, that would stand unaided. we had so much fun, they will tell you all about it!!! After we got creative and made spiders and hedgehogs.

Homework Project 7/10/2019

Just a small note on last weeks homework to say that once again the projects created by the children have been fantastic. Well done to all!

We are continuing our work all about trees in school and this week we are focusing on the changes trees go through during each season! For homework this week children should complete a picture of these changes that happen e.g. colours in autumn, bare tree in winter etc. They should also write a few sentences on the changes that occur to the tree during the seasons. Some nice examples can be found at: Tree Changes Seasons

A sample timetable to follow would be;

Monday- Autumn

Tuesday – Winter

Wednesday – Spring

Thursday – Summer

The projects should be ready to be presented for Monday the 14th of October. I can provide children with a template should they wish to use one, and have sent home their scrapbooks too.

Looking forward to seeing all of the projects when completed!

Our Irish homework this week;
Duilleoga deasa, deasa.
Duilleoga deasa, buí.
Duilleoga deasa, deasa.
Ag imeacht leis an ngaoth.

Duilleoga deasa, deasa.
Duilleoga deasa, buí.
Duilleoga deasa, deasa.
Ag damhsa ar an gcraobh.

Duilleoga deasa, deasa.
Duilleoga deasa, buí.
Duilleoga deasa, deasa.
Ar thalamh ina luí.

Enjoy 🙂

Reptile Zoo

To celebrate the upcoming feast day of St. Francis who is the patron saint of animals and ecologists, we had a visit from the reptile zoo today. The children were fascinated by the different creatures they met and learned lots of interesting facts!

STEM Project

Recently the class undertook a STEM (Science Technolgy Engineering and Mathematics) project to create a birds nest. They worked in groups and were given a project card to follow instructions from. They worked collaboratively and produced some excellent nests out of the materials provided!

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Today we got our lines for our Christmas Play and we started rehearsing. Thank you for all the parents who attended the communion meeting last night.

Numeracy Stations

Monday 30th September 2019


This week in school, we are learning all about trees. For our homework project we are going to be creating our family tree!
Some tips for completing the project;
• Children could make a list of their own family members and their relationship to them (this will form the basis of their family tree).
• Talk and discussion about how uncles and aunts, cousins etc are related.
• Create their own family tree.
The class are welcome to create their family tree in whichever style they would like but there are useful examples at the following link;
Family Tree

Projects should be prepared and ready to be presented by Monday 7th of October.

Maths Homework – It has been decided that we will be sending home ‘Work It out’ Book for Numeracy Homework. We are beginning Week 5. Please let your child work on this independently and circle any questions they can not answer.

Dán – A hAon, a Dó, a Trí

A haon, a dó, a trí.
Lucha beaga buí.
Ag ithe píosa cáise
I ngan fhios do fhear an tí.

Cat mór liath,
Rith sé isteach.
Cad a rinne na lucha?
Rith siad amach.

This week we will be learning-
English – All about Spiders
Numeracy – Place Value
Gaeilge – An Scoil
Geography – Trees
Science – Materials
History – Feasts and Festivals in the Past

First Holy Communion
We are very busy preparing for our First Holy Communion.
Please remember we have a short Presentation Evening with Father Keenan on Tuesday 1st October at 7.30pm

Keep up the great reading and dictation sentences!!

I did not get to hear all the skeleton projects on Friday with the half day but was so impressed with what I saw. Looking forward to seeing the rest on Monday. I will post photographs to show the high standard of work.

Preparations have also begun for our Christmas Play. It has been a busy but wonderful start to the year in 2nd class. Thank you for all your support.

Project 23rd – 30th September

Well done to the boys and girls for their fantastic projects about Blackrock! We are really enjoying listening to them in school.

This week children are going to be learning about the skeleton. I have given them an A4 piece of card and some cotton buds. They should try to create a skeleton shape by sticking the cotton buds to the card. Samples of this can be found online.

The children should then try to label the bones they have included on their skeleton.

To make sure children have enough time to prepare their project, and so we can listen to all projects, children will now be able to work on their project until Monday of the following week. This weeks project will be due in on Monday the 30th of September.


Homework 23/09/2019
ICT Activity for Monday
Maths Add/Subtract

Groupwork 18/09/2019

The class displayed fantastic cooperation and teamwork skills today as they worked together to investigate homelessness.

Daily Mile 18/09/2019

We have been loving completing our daily mile in school. The fabulous weather today got us really motivated!

Monday 16th September 2019

Good morning everyone, hope you have a marvelous Monday!!

A few updates on what is happening in 2nd class this week:

. Every morning I will be picking a secret student- the children will tell you all about this.

. This week in Geography we are learning about Living in the Local Community. Our project this week is to find out information about the village of Blackrock. Some information that might help your child when researching their project:

DAY 1 – Research – find information on the chosen topic
DAY 2 – Choose which key pieces of information you will use
DAY 3 – Start typing or writing the information in your own words and find or draw pictures/ diagrams/maps etc. Perhaps build a model.
DAY 4 – Complete visual project and rehearse presentation.

You can present your project on an A4 page or you can stick work into your scrapbook.

We had a class discussion today on Blackrock. 2nd class are very excited and they all know what they have to do this week. The project can be presented in any form , as long as they have lots of FUN!!!!

We looked at the the following web page and the children know that they can find lots of information here. Pick an area they find most interesting and start their research. Looking forward to hearing presentations on Friday!! have fun ……


Last weeks projects were amazing!!!

ICT homework tonight – https://ie.ixl.com/math/class-2/counting-patterns-up-to-100

The link above logs out after 15 minutes but that is more than enough time to spend

Gaeilge – every week we will be learning a new song or poem. The class will be taught this in school but will take it home to read every night.

Monday 16/09/19
Read at home this week

Dán – Buail ar an Doras

Buail ar an doras.
Is féach isteach.
Bain díot do hata.
Is siúil isteach.
Suigh ar an stól.
Is bí ag ól.
Is conas atá tú ar maidin?

( stuck into back of homework copy)

We have a very busy week ahead, some topics we will be covering this week –
History – When my Grandparents were young
Geography – Living in the local community
Science – The Human Skeleton

We have also began our daily mile a day!!!

I will keep you updated during the week and if you are unsure of anything please contact me, Thank you

” If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”

Roaldh Dahl

Monday 16/09/2019

Today in Numeracy we – Added on in Ten, Counted on and added Three numbers together. We are marvelous mathematicians!!

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day 13/9/19

Adopt a Reading Superhero‘ 11/09/2019
Today pupils in 2nd class took home an , ‘Adopt a Reading Superhero Tag’. Every Wednesday each child will be allowed to pick a book from the class library to take home for a week to read to a toy/teddy/superhero of their choice. If they are reading their own novel at home, that is fine. This is a fun activity to encourage reading for enjoyment at home.

Numeracy Stations

ICT Homework 09/09/2019

Tricky Word Spellings – Year 2

Homework Project 9/09/2019

For this weeks homework project children will be provided with A4 paper.

Please have them draw a picture of their home and write a short description of it!

They will present their project on Friday the 13th of September.


The children had lots of fun mixing lemon juice and baking soda to make Lemon Suds! They had some great predictions of what would happen when we mixed them together.

Project Presentation

We learned so much about each other today in class! Everyone did great work and we had some super interesting presentations. Well done all!


Outdoor Reading

We are enjoying our first novel of the year; The Giggler Treatment by Roddy Doyle!

We hope everyone is settling back in well to the school routine once more!
Just a quick note explaining homework this year;

Reading: Children have reading homework to complete every night. The pages read should be recorded on their reading sheet which should be signed at home.

Tables: Each week the class will work on a different set of tables which corresponds to their Work It Out book which they use in school. They have been given a tables sheet to help practice these at home.

Project: The class will be given various projects to complete throughout the year. This could take 1-2 weeks to complete depending on the topic. Details of projects will be shared here on our web page or in children’s homework copies.

Activity: Children will have a simple activity to complete each night. We are currently following the structure of Monday: ICT activity, Tuesday: maths activity, Wednesday: active homework, Thursday: oral language.

Dictation: Children will do one sentence of dictation each morning in school. They will then choose 1 or 2 spellings from this to learn each night. The words used in the daily dictation sentences are high frequency words. Although no formal testing will take place, the words will be recurring and so will be revisited frequently.

Time: As stated in the school homework diary; it is recommended that children in 2nd class spend 20-30 mins completing homework altogether each evening. This can be divided whichever way suits you & your child best.

We aim to make homework more enjoyable for children and hope this helps to explain it better. If you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the school office!
Ms. Twibill & Ms. Lundy

Monday Homework Activity 2/09/19
Link to online activity;
Compare & Order

Enjoy 🙂

Homework Project 2/09/19

We are very excited to begin our first homework project of the school term. The instructions are below and children should be ready to present their work this coming Friday the 6th of September.

All About Me!
Fill a bag with 4 things you can use to tell us about yourself (only 4 things, no more, no less!).
All of your objects must fit in the bag.
Bring this bag in on Friday to share with the class!
We can’t wait to learn all about you!

Welcome Back! 30/08/19
A big welcome back to all the children in 2nd class. We were delighted to see everybody coming in so enthusiastically and ready to begin the year! We all had a great first day getting to know each other. The class enjoyed a scavenger hunt in the outdoor classroom, making the most of the good weather while it lasts.

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