1st Class

12th November 2019

We had a very busy first term in 1st class!

In September, the children enjoyed being back together after the Summer holidays and morning activities allowed them plenty of time to catch up with each other.  They have been having fun drawing and colouring, playing games, and building and making things.

They even made really cool friendship bracelets out of paper, completely their idea by the way!!  Myself and our SNA Sarah were lucky enough to be given many of these lovely bracelets…mine covered almost half my arm and got me a few strange looks when I went into Tescos wearing them! Lol!  But nevertheless I wore them with pride!

We also celebrated and learned about the Chinese Mooncake/Mid-Autumn Festival. We are also lucky enough to have Jessica in our class and thanks to Jessica’s mum we all enjoyed a piece of delicious mooncake that she took all the way from China!

We all thanked Jessica…in Chinese!!

And we all wished everyone a Happy Mooncake Festival!



We ended September with a bit of a picnic in the classroom! Sure why not 🙂

In October, we had an amazing visit from the Reptile Zoo, a little scary as it involved snakes, but very interesting to see and hear about the animals.  We even got to touch them!

We started training with the Geraldine’s in October too and are still training with them every Friday. Thanks to the Geraldine’s we are learning lots of new skills and having so much fun at the same time!

We took part in fun maths activities during Maths Week, some as a class and for some we joined with other classes. We had a quiz in the hall and a maths trail outside on the school grounds in the lovely fresh air!

We did a cool lesson and told each other all about our talents and what we were good at!

We ended October with our preparations for Halloween! Sarah and I painted lots of smelly feet! Lol! Fun to watch the children as they struggled not to laugh having their feet painted…impossible!

Now it’s November and what better way to start the new term than with our beautiful new classroom!  I was so excited when I went in on Thursday morning to flick on the lights and the heating before the children arrived but OMG the excitement on their little faces when they walked in was just priceless! WOW!

17th September 2019

All About Me!

We will be moving into our new classroom soon and we are preparing lovely displays for our walls.  This All About Me! display will be a very special one as it will help us all to learn new things and cool facts about each other.

They will complete this at home with you as you are the person who knows your child best!  Take time with your child to chat about it all and help them along.  They have until Friday to complete it as follows:

Tuesday– Spend some time chatting about it

Wednesday – Start writing and filling in each section

Thursday – Complete the writing and colour it! (remember not to colour over the writing)

Take it into school Friday.  No need to worry about the ‘picture of me’.  We will use school photos for this section.

Thanks and enjoy!!



16th September 2019

Apologies for not posting on here sooner.  I have been getting to know the pupils and finding my own feet having been away from St Francis NS for 3 years.

As you are aware, 1st class is currently residing in the school library on the 1st floor of the school.  We have fantastic views over the school grounds behind the main building and to the fields beyond.  In less than 2 weeks time however, we hope to move in to our brand new prefab, next to the 2nd class prefab.  The ground work has all been done and the prefab will be hoisted in to place next weekend.

Last Friday we had a Free Dress Day and a huge thank you to everyone who brought in a donation for the Geraldines GFC Mighty Marquee weekend.  As a class, we will be benefiting from in-school coaching later in the year from the Geraldines, and this fundraiser goes towards their coaching coats.

We enjoyed playtime together in class and here are some photos.


This page will be updated regularly and will contain important information regarding events in our classroom. Please keep an eye on it for any updates. We are a green school and to save paper we use this page to update parents rather than sending home notes all the time.

Thank you all very much for your co-operation.

Deirbhile Savage
Class Teacher – 1st Class

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