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Be Active ASAP

We are hoping to start the next season of Be Active ASAP immediately after the Easter Holidays, commencing Wednesday 1st May 2019 from 2.40-3.30pm.

Consent forms have been sent home – please return them to school by Friday 5th April 2019.  Downloadable copies below:

The Be Active After-School Activity Programme (ASAP) is supported by the Health Promotion Department of the HSE and facilitated by Louth Sports Partnership in association with Sport Ireland.

Resources for the programme were compiled by PE staff of the Education Department of DCU College of Education – St. Patrick’s Campus.

Be Active ASAP is currently taking place in over 800 primary schools nationwide.  Be Active ASAP is offered free of charge to schools. The programme includes training for teachers, a comprehensive folder of resource cards, a teacher handbook and ongoing advice and support visits.



Takes place after school on Wednesdays in the School Hall.

This offers a safe, familiar, convenient setting for an age-appropriate introduction to after-school physical activity.

Designed for 7-8 year olds (1st and 2nd classes)

This is an age at which children begin to make decisions regarding their likes/dislikes or abilities regarding physical activity.

Led by trained teacher leaders.  Mrs Whately is the Be Active Co-Ordinator for our school

Teachers  lead the programme as they have the knowledge to adjust activities to challenge children appropriately, irrespective of ability.

Involves parents in their children’s physical activity.

Parental support is crucial to the programme to improve the adult:child ratio, to support the teacher and to set a good example for the children.

Gives children the chance to succeed.

This programme concentrates on building confidence across a broad range of activities echoing the Physical Education Curriculum for Primary Schools experienced by children during the school day.

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