Mrs Stapleton
3rd Class Teacher

As Miss Reynolds, she graduated from Froebel College of Education and Trinity College Dublin where she completed her teacher training, and has been on our staff since 2012. She has been teaching for over 12 years and prior to joining St Francis she taught in schools in County Meath and Dublin.
Helena, together with our Principal Oreena Lawless, runs the hugely successful St Francis School Choir and enjoys all of the wonderful events she gets to participate in.
For her first three years Ms Reynolds ran our Learning support and Resource teaching (now SET Team), overseeing all standardised tests in the school and identifying pupils in need of additional learning support.
She then moved to Junior Infants as a class teacher.
Miss Reynolds became Mrs Stapleton 2 years ago and is returning to St Francis NS in 2021/22 as a 3rd class teacher, having been on maternity leave this year.

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