Mrs O’Rourke
Deputy Principal & Leader of SET team 4th Class Teacher


Along with our Principal, Oreena Lawless, Elaine Crawley (later to become O’Rourke) was one of the original teaching staff of two at the establishment of St. Francis NS in 2007.
Elaine holds a Masters in Educational Disadvantage from St Patrick’s which she completed during her first 2 years at St Francis NS.
Having spent 8 years as a classroom teacher, primarily in Junior Infants, she became a Resource teacher in September 2015. She set up the highly successful Reading Recovery Programme at St Francis, a research-based intervention programme with the prime goals of accelerating literacy learning and reducing reading and writing failure difficulties by targeting children who may need support in Senior Infants/First Class. For more information on the programme, visit Reading Recovery.
For the last two years Mrs O’Rourke has been back in to the classroom teaching Junior Infants and is looking forward to teaching 4th class for the coming year.
As Deputy Principal, she leads the SET (Special Education Team) and looks after much of the administrative and policy making at St Francis NS.

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