Jonathan Dennis
School Caretaker

Jonathan was one of the first staff to join St Francis National School way back in January 2008. For a few years, he combined part-time care taking jobs both at Blackrock Community Centre and at St. Francis NS. As both positions grew in scope, Jonathan chose to stay with us – and we have been delighted to have had him as part of our team ever since.

Although originally from London, Jonathan has been a proud Irish resident for many years. He is an avid sports fan – and indeed he had trials for Chelsea FC and for Wimbledon FC in the English league. He went on to play football for Hazlehurst FC as goalkeeper for over 20 years and was later to become their team manager. He has enjoyed badminton at at competitive level and is currently an active supporter of the local IWKR Karate Club, of which his daughter Amy is a student.

Jonathan is keen to keep our school green and is responsible for judging the “Golden Bin” award, presented each month to the class who make the best effort at separating their waste and recycling. He is also responsible for keeping our fantastic flag display flying! (when weather permits).

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