Active Schools (Home) Week 2020


Update from Active School Flag:

RTE Home School Hub EXTRA would love to receive videos from children from all parts of the country showing how they got active during #ActiveHomeWeek.

Their aim is to show as wide a variety of activities as possible:

  • Taking on TEACHER Challenges – Beans Can Stacking/Toilet Roll Challenges/Bin Challenges
  • NEW skills – Juggling/Skipping/Gymnastics etc.
  • DANCE- Tik Tok dances, The Foot Shake Challenge, Ballet etc.
  • FAMILY Fitness – Activities where other members of the family join in as well
  • INDOOR Fitness Activities – Active Board Games, Active Spellings/Maths etc.

The video should be 20-30 seconds video (no longer)

When videoing it’s really important to hold the camera SIDEWAYS

Begin with child/children introducing themselves (first name/school/county) before their activity begins

To submit your video: Go to

Click on the RED button called ‘Share Your Content with Home School Muinteoirs’.  (just above the 1st/2nd class section).

The deadline is this Friday May 1st at 12pm

Complete the short online form and send your video – it’s a very easy process.

The videos will be aired as part of the RTE Home School Hub EXTRA programme on TUESDAY, May 5th

RTE Home School Hub promise that they will look through every video that they receive but advise, if large numbers of videos are received, they will only be able to play a selection of them.

Fingers crossed we’ll see our school represented on next Tuesday’s show.


Hi all,

Hope you are all keeping well and are making the most of the beautiful weather.

We had planned our Active Schools Week this year to take place the week of the 27th of April.

We had so many fantastic activities planned. Unfortunately, this will not be going ahead at this time. Hopefully we will be able to re schedule it for a later date.

In the meantime, we are asking that pupils to engage with Active Home Week instead, next week the 27th of April to the 3rd of May.

The aim of Active Home Week 2020 is for pupils to complete 60 minutes of any form of physical activity each day and record this onto the challenge cards.

On the Active School Flag website, there are challenge cards for pupils to use as a guide or pupils can hand make and fill in their own challenge cards to record their activities during Active Home Week.  Parents are welcome to return the completed challenge charts (take a photo and attach or fill in a PDF version online and email it as an attachment) to the school to or

We would love to see photos of your Active Home Week activities which we can display on our school website. Please email these on to the above email addresses.

When your child completes their 60 Minutes of Physical Activity for the week, they will receive a certificate as part of Active Home Week.

Physical activities can include playing a game, learning a new skill, online exercise, walking etc…

Some resources for getting ideas can be found on the following links:

Go Noodle:

PE with Joe Wicks:

Irish Heart Foundation:

Yoga: Calm Down Yoga   Garden Yoga   Ocean Yoga    Spring Yoga  Superhero Yoga


Fundamental Movement Skills:

Movement Breaks:


Louth Sports Partnership:

Katie Taylor Boxing workout:

The above are just a selection of ideas that your child could engage in.

Remember if exercising outdoors, keep within 2 km from home and keep a 2-meter distance from others.

We really appreciate your involvement in our Active Home Week initiative this year.

A special mention and a massive thank you to our Active Schools Committee who had put so much effort into planning our Active Schools Week and promoting activities throughout the school as part of our Active School Flag renewal this year.


Keep Moving, Keep Active

Mrs Clinton & Miss Mc Kevitt

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