Absence Form

The National Education Welfare Board (NEWB) are the government body assigned to ensure that children are attending school and their welfare is being met.  Schools must take the attendance each day.  When a child is absent, a school must state the reason to the NEWB.  However, the reason must come in writing from the family.  We understand that it might be easier for parents to fill in an online form rather than sending in a written note to the teacher so we created an online absence form.


Absences Due to Covid-19

It is really important that we all follow the advice of the HSE at this time.

If your child tests positive for Covi-19 (either on an antigen or a PCR test) they must stay off school for 7 days. PLEASE INFORM THE SCHOOL of their absence by email at admin@stfrancisns.ie

Any siblings in the household (regardless of Covid status) must also self isolate for 7 days.


Please fill in the form below


For children who have received a positive Covid-19 result please email a screenshot of the result to the school email: admin@stfrancisns.ie

This will either be
1. A screenshot of the positive PCR test result received by text from the HSE
2. A screenshot of the positive antigen test uploaded to the HSE portal https://antigentesting.hse.ie/confirm-details

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