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Welcome to 6th Class page

This page will be updated regularly and will contain important information regarding events in our classroom. Please keep an eye on it for any updates. We are a green school and to save paper we use this page to update parents rather than sending home notes all the time.

Thank you all very much for your co-operation.

Roisin McKevitt
Class Teacher – 6th Class


20th March 2020

Gentle reminder to all 6th class parents – please make sure your child has accepted the invitation to join the 6th Class Google Classroom.

They all have their own login with their St Francis NS email address. If they have any difficulty logging on, please contact me at missmckevitt@stfrancisns.ie and I will assist.

Work is being assigned on a daily basis, which your child should be able to complete independently, or with minimal parental assistance.

We are currently reviewing the assigned work in light of the fact that the school closure is likely to continue beyond the end of the month and we will keep you informed of any changes.

Thank you for your co-operation and my best wishes to you and your family at this very difficult time.

Kind regards,

Roisin McKevitt


Friday 14th February

Monday 10th February


Monday 10th February

A massive well done to all 6th class children, who completed their assessment tests for secondary school – they did their best and I am very proud of them πŸ™‚

Folens have released an information booklet for parents of 6th Class children about the transition from primary to post-primary. Google: Folens 6th class transition from primary to post-primary to view the pdf document

Two weeks ago, we started taking part in Irish Dancing in school each Wednesday, learning lots of new dances. The children have been amazing and very enthusiastic about it each week. Here are some pictures of them in action this week…

4th February

It has been a very busy few weeks in 6th Class and the children have put in alot of work in preparing for their upcoming assessment tests – well done to you all πŸ™‚

Our STEM topic for this month is Light – the children have been learning all about light sources, reflection and photosynthesis. They conducted their own experiments to prove that ‘Light travels in straight lines’. The children had complete ownership over their experiments and explored many ways to prove how light travels.

6th Class have been buddies with Mrs O’Rourke’s Junior Infants. This week, 6th class chose a story to share with their buddy, and read it to them. The children absolutely
loved this.

The children were the winners of our Key to Learning a few months back and decided to have a PJ day and a popcorn party as their reward – very well deserved winners! We have also won the key to learning for the month of January – so watch this space for pictures of our reward for this month πŸ™‚

We are also very proud of our quiz team, who won the u13 credit union quiz yesterday. They have worked very hard and have given up lots of their lunch times.

Homework update – 21st January 2020

Over the next couple of weeks, homework will take on a different form than it has done in previous weeks. We have started to prepare for the children’s upcoming assessments tests and therefore homework will be revision based with written and learning homework.

Children’s homework ( where possilbe) will be uploaded on to google classroom. The children have their school email addresses and passwords and are able to access this at home.

Many thanks πŸ™‚

6th January 2020

Happy New Year!! Homework project Brazil / Malawi. Projects are due: 17th January.

Projects this time have been split into three levels ( working on it, got it & smashed it), the children can choose which additional thing they want to include in their project.

Over the next two weeks, you will be completing a project based either on Brazil or Malawi – you can choose! You can present your project in any way you wish to.

Your project must include the following:
Introduction, outlining the country you are choosing to research.
– Language
– Currency
– History
– Landmarks
– Tourist information
– Climate
– Rivers/ mountains.
– Where is it located

Working on it : Include a diagram of your country.

(Brazil) – research further about the rainforest and the types of animals which inhabit it – you could include pictures to support your research.

Got it: Explain why some of the world’s poorest regions are located here. What do you think was the cause of this?

Look at the impact of Irish charities and the work they do.

Smashed it : Compare the differences between the country of your choice and Ireland and the EU. Do you think these countries could operate a similar system to the European Union?
(Malawi) Discuss and explain some of the causes and effects of famine.

Also included in homework: Reading every day, Maths Work it out & Gaeilge reading.

Many thanks πŸ™‚

17th December 2019

Well done to all of 6th class, who sang so well in our Christmas performance last week – they were brilliant. Homework projects on celebrations from around the world have been excellent and of a high standard. As we approach the end of the term and closer to Christmas, the children’s homework will be different. Children are asked to do one of the following each night.

Random act of kindness
Offer to help cooking the dinner/ setting the table/ cleaning up after dinner
Listen to your favourite Christmas song. Do Jumping jacks whilst the chorus plays
Look at the TV guide and decide which Christmas movies you are going to watch over the break.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

11th November 2019

Science week project – 11th November
Due: 15th November
This week’s project is based on a scientist and the impact they have had.
Monday: Research and decide on the scientist you want to explore further
Tuesday: Early life (when they were born, where and their education)
Wednesday: How they got into Science and any achievements they have in Science
Thursday: Their legacy and the impact they have had on the Science world.
Rehearse your project to present.

26th September 2019 – #Blogpost2

This is our 2nd blog update this year πŸ™‚ This week was jam-packed. Keep reading to find out more.

On the leadup to the 2019 Rugby World Cup, our second project this year was on a country participating in the World Cup. All of the projects were amazing and we’re keeping our eyes peeled on Ireland against Japan on Saturday.

6th Class are off to a swift start with our Gaelic year with our first boy’s GAA blitz this year. The competition was tough, but we came back with one succesful match. The boys came back with lots of enthusisasm and muck! They are looking forward to the next one!

We have been really enjoying our novel ‘Wonder’ this year and have been doing lots of work based on the book. One of our aamzing pieces was our poems based on the book. Here are some pictures below πŸ™‚

Monday 23rd September
Homework project due: 11th October
Our next project will be focused on the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths), where the children will be designing, planning and building a model of one of the following: a famous landmark, stadium, bridge or boat. The children can choose to either create their own model or base it on something that already exists (or a bit of both!).
The project – which should be completed in their scrapbooks– must include the following: research, a drawn plan of their initial ideas, a design of the actual model with annotations of how they plan to build, a list of materials that they are using, a set of instructions after they have built it and an evaluation ( how it went, what would they do differently the next time).
Children can use any materials to construct their model (it can be Lego, straws, recycled items from the house – they can be as creative as they want!).
Below is a suggested outline of what way the children should approach their project (they don’t have to follow this outline but can do so if they wish).

Week 1: Planning & designing stage
Day 1: Brainstorm ideas in scrap book and decide on what idea to move forward with (can be a diagram).
Day 2: Research ideas and record main ideas in scrapbook.
Day 3: Research further (if more research time needed) and start to sketch and design a plan of the model.
Day 4: Sketch and annotate plan in scrapbook with a list of materials needed to build model.

Week 2: Construction
This week, the children should focus on constructing their model, testing how different materials work.
Continue to keep notes in scrapbook about what went well/ what problems occurred.

Week 3: Evaluation
Day 1: Children should evaluate their models – what went well/ what didn’t go so well. How did the materials work with the idea? What would you do differently if you were to build this again?
Day 2 & 3: Children to write a set of instructions (including an introduction) of how to build their model.
Day 4: Children should focus on rehearsing for presenting their model to the class.

Our Class Blog
Hi, our names are: OisΓ­n and Daisy and we will be writing a blog about life in 6th, our learning and what we have been getting up to. We hope you enjoy our updates πŸ™‚

Blog Update #1
When we came back to school, we started off by doing some Art. We drew dreamcatchers and painted the background with watercolour. When we hung them up, everyone wrote their dream for the year ahead.

Here is a picture:

This year, we got to know each other even better by making All About Me T-shirts on paper. We drew all of our favourite things on them. Have a look:

This year, we are continuing with project homework, similar to when we were in 5th Class. Our first project was on Capital Cities. We each picked a capital city and researched it, with some of us presenting to the rest of the class.
Have a look at some of the captial city project ( they were all of a very high standard!!).


Here’s what you can expect next week: an update on our first boys GAA blitz of the year, some art work based on our class novel – Wonder ( which we are all loving so far!) and some of our writing as Gaeilge. Keep your eyes peeled!

Homework 9th September
Rugby World Cup homework project 9th September 2019
Due: Friday 20th September
Each child has chosen a competing country to research in the lead up the Rugby World Cup. Children can either complete their projects on a poster, on a PowerPoint or in their scrap books. As the projects are due in two weeks, the children are expected to complete some of their project each night.
The criteria for this project are as follows:
β€’ Country name & flag.
β€’ Capital city
β€’ Population of the country – population of the country now in comparison the last World Cup
β€’ Historical facts about the country
β€’ Info about country rugby team (their positions etc) and the team which are playing in the World Cup.
β€’ Coaches of the team, previous achievements, ranking in the world, rugby name (if they have one), kit and colours.
β€’ Famous Rugby players
β€’ Cultural information about the country & special events which happen there.
β€’ The size of the country (Maths link)
β€’ Group they are in for the World cup and who they will be playing against.
β€’ Stadiums which they play in. Locations of stadiums.
β€’ Choose an international stadium in the country (like the Aviva) and research the design and capacity of the stadium.
β€’ Rugby teams within the country (the way Ireland has Munster etc).
β€’ Geography of the country – landmarks etc.

Children will also have reading each night and it is expected that a parent/ guardian will sign their sheet each night also.

Maths: Children are asked to use https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button to revise their 12 times tables this week

In Maths this week, we will be revising using the formal written method to calculate addition and subtraction word problems. Children can use this website to revise the use of their mental strategies for addition and subtraction.

and https://ie.ixl.com/math/class-6/add-and-subtract-whole-numbers

Many thanks for your ongoing support πŸ™‚

3rd September

Throughout the year, homework will be project based and will cover a range of topics. This week, the children decided on a capital city that they would like to research. Projects are due this Friday.

Children are also expected to read each night along with revising their times tables. This week, the children are revising their 9 times tables and can do so by using this useful webiste:


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