5th Class

Welcome to 5th Class!

9th May 2019


10th April 2019

Pupils have been making some fabulous papier-mâché Gorgons in art this week.  Check out some of their creations below:

1st April


March 2019

Children in 5th Class have completed their third set of Scratch coding lessons with Joan McCann from The Code Lab, where they built on their knowledge of Scratch from previous years.  They worked in pairs to create a game called “Monkeys Love Banana’s”, and they used logical thinking and problem-solving skills to get this project fully working.  They also used the new Video Sensing and Sound Editing features in Scratch.

They were introduced to the BBC Micro:bit, a mini programmable computer.  They quickly realised that they could take their coding knowledge from Scratch and use it in a different coding language, Microsoft MakeCode.  They worked on a number of projects, where they coded the Micro:bit to create a Rock-Paper-Scissors game, a Digital Dice, a piece of wearable-technology including a Name Tag that displayed their name in lights, and a Heart Badge, and even a Harry Potter Sorting Hat Algorithm, that tells you what house you will be in when you arrive in Hogwarts!  Check out the photos to see their creations.

CLICK HERE for a Video Sensing Project we worked on in 5th class Scratch Coding Lessons:


31st August 2018

Today we did some Friday Doodles!