4th Class Charity Sleepout

Congratulations to both 4th classes, Spideoga and Smólaigh on their successful ‘Sleep Out’ in aid of Dundalk Simon Community.

Having studied the topic of homelessness, and from an informative visit from Yvonne and Laura from Dundalk Simon Community, the children have learned about the different types of homelessness, it’s impact and how it is a huge problem across Ireland and in our own community. The children have particularly focused on the person behind the homeless person and how it could happen to any one of us. We studied supports available and the wonderful and life-changing work charity organisations such as Dundalk Simon Community provide and how we can support them.

The children did themselves and us all proud last night by challenging themselves to experience what it is like to sleep rough in order to raise awareness on the topic of homelessness and to raise vital funds for Dundalk Simon Community.

Before settling down outside for the night, the children investigated where would be the best place to sleep, the most suitable and accessible materials to create shelters from and how to optimise these materials in order to keep as warm, dry and comfortable as possible.
It was a fun and positive learning experience that the children took on with reverence and an understanding of all we have to be thankful for. We are aware that we, as a society, cannot ignore the problem of homelessness. We acknowledge how our contribution, however small, can help make change for the better.

Thank you to all of the children involved, and to their parents, including the children that joined us last night and the children that took part from home (we’re looking forward to sharing our experiences and photos together on Monday).

Thank you to Yvonne and Laura from Dundalk Simon Community for coming in to speak with the children. The information you presented and sharing of your experiences added reality and greater depth to our study on Homelessness.

Thank you also to St. Francis NS Board of Management and Mrs Lawless for supporting our fundraiser and allowing us to use the school premises and facilities. A special thank you to Mrs Lawless for joining us last night.

We hope you are as proud of yourselves as we are of you all.

Comhghairdeas agus maith sibh!

Mrs Donaghy & Mrs O’Rourke

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