4th Class Homelessness Fundraiser

As part of their topic on Homelessness, the pupils and teachers of our two 4th Classes are holding an all-night sleep-out in the school grounds on Friday 8th October to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless in Ireland.

They have connected with volunteers from the Dundalk Simon Community who will do a presentation to the children in school next week.
For their sleep out, the children will be supervised to sleep out at the back of the school building from 10.30pm to 7.00am. They will be required to wear warm clothes and bring a sleeping bag / blanket. We will use the school toilet facilities and the hall if required (in the event of adverse weather).

We have emphasised to the children that this is not a sleepover but rather a sleep-out. In order to give them as close an experience as possible, they will not be allowed to bring snacks or technology with them. However, hot drinks will be provided.
A small number of pupils are unable to participate in the overnight school sleep out, but have chosen to participate in a different way at home (i.e. sleep on the floor rather than on bed, etc.) in solidarity with the people experiencing homelessness.

Each 4th Class pupil has a sponsorship card to raise funds for their sleep-out and there are further sponsorship cards available from the school office if any families want drop in a small donation.

All sponsorship money raised will be donated to our local Simon Community Emergency Shelter in Dundalk

We hope that this will be a poignant and positive learning experience for the children.

Thank you in advance for your support for this very worthy cause.

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