Christmas Tree Decoration Competition


It’s that time of year again!!
We officially launch our Annual Recycled Christmas Decoration Competition.

No glass (unless sea glass found on a beach)
It must be “hangable from a tree” ie. not too large
It must be made from recycled materials
It must be made at home by the pupil
Family entries are allowed
Deadline – Any time up until Dec. 4th.
We have some bare trees waiting for some sparkle and colour 😀

There will be prizes for originality of design, creativity in use of recycled materials and for effort.

We can’t wait to see your children’s fantastic creations 😀

This is organised by the pupils of our Green Schools Committee and all pupils (or family groups) are invited to make a re-cycled Christmas tree decoration for our school Christmas trees. There is only one rule – it must be made of re-cycled materials (see the photo for some ideas). All entries will be judged and a prize awarded for the most creative use of recycled materials from each class. Decorations can be brought in to school any time between now and 4th December.  Children may take these home at the end of term.

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