Thoughts after our internet safety talk

“It made me feel scared to think that when you delete a photo it doesn’t really get deleted. It is still there.”

– Cushla from 3B

“I realise now that if somebody texts or messages me and I don’t know them I need to tell my mum or dad.”

– Robert from 3B

“Once you do something on your phone it leaves an imprint that you cannot fully get rid of.  If somebody tapped into your phone what could they do?  It scares me.”

– Rebecca from 3B

“Letting people into your profile is like letting somebody into your house.”

Cian from 3B

“I now know that if somebody sends a picture they could have made it themselves as in it may be fake.”

Eliza from 3B

“A lot of children are not telling parents about scary things or things they don’t like and they need to.”

– Eva from 3B