This year 4th Class A and B went to Zip It Forest Adventures in Dublin for their school tour.

On the bus, everyone was so excited to arrive at Zip It.  The bus ride was an hour and 20 minutes long, so for entertainment we played charades.  Further into the bus ride we saw many trees and forests so we thought we were there but actually we were like 20 minutes away!

Finally, we arrived at Zip It with our stomachs growling with hunger.  As we were walking out of the bus we saw a picnic area with rocks, grass, trees and flowers!  Everyone found a place to sit and then started eating their lunch.  While we were eating everyone was running round, playing and talking!

We all finished our lunches, then went to get our harnesses on, where we got split into 3 groups.  When we had our harnesses on an instructor took us to our first course to explain how to work the clips and how to use the equipment!

After waiting and listening, we finally got onto our first course that was not too high off the ground.  On the first course, there was a ladder, a rope, planks and a zipline!  When it was completed, the next course would be slightly higher and longer for every course!  As for Sadbh, she was cheering us on from ground, because she could not go on a course, because she injured herself before our school tour!  When we were closer to the ground there was more talking but as we were getting higher there was more cheering!  She cheered for us when we were going on a long, high zipline!  The ziplines were great fun.  At the start we were scared, but if you just go for it you will have so much fun!

Eventually we had to come down to get off our harnesses to get on the bus to go back to school where we would be picked up after a long day!

(Sadbh) “Even if your injured, you will still have a blast.  I recommend this school tour for next year!

– Leah and Sadbh, 4A