On Tuesday 26th June we held our Prize Day Assembly in the school hall, led by Mrs Lawless.

Below is a list of all the prize winners.

Class Teacher Awards (certificate for each pupil)

Síológa A

Síológa B

Junior Infants A
Leo Dixon:  Most improved
Teagan: For being a great helper and wonderful handwriting
Navaneeth: For Kindness

Junior Infants B
Callum: Most Improved
Alex: For Helpfulness
Roisín: For Kindness


Senior Infants A
Janathi: for settling into our class and making a big effort and improvement throughout the year
Gabia: for continuously being kind, mannerly and hard working
Zoey: for being a ray of sunshine throughout the whole year and always working hard

Senior Infants B
Lacey: For being a Good Friend
Ciara: Most Improved
Reign: for being a Lovely Listener

1st Class A
Tadgh: for being a great friend and building positive relationships
Hazel:  for always working hard and trying her best in everything she does
Arvin: for sharing excellent general knowledge with his classmates

1st Class B
Lucy: for kindness – and being a good friend
Emily: For amazing progress with her Reading

2nd Class A
Kamran: Most improved
Aoibhín: for showing helpfulness and kindness throughout the full year

2nd Class B
Eva: for always being kind to everyone
Raffael:  for being a creative artist

3rd Class A
Dylan: For being helpful and trying hard in Irish
Clara: For always trying her best

3rd Class B
Penny: For helpfulness
Pola: For initiative

4th Class A
Ryan Grimes: For great effort throughout the year
Lily Rose Murphy:  For always being helpful and kind to others

4th Class B
Basheer: daily contribution in keeping the class floors monitored (cleaning monitor)and general classroom distribution of copies etc.
Sophie: award for amazing manners and always such a great help

5th Class A
Robyn:  for kindness to others and for entertaining us with her raps and songs
Joshua:  for best effort at managing his behaviour/impulses

5th Class B
Ema: hard working, kind and caring towards others in the class, always willing to help around the classroom.
Kian: most improved particularly in maths
Lucy:  An absolute lifesaver acting as a stunt double for Ronan Henry in the play, on top of the two roles she already had.

6th Class A
Fallon:  for excellent progress in Maths
Lukas:  for excellent progress in Reading
Julia: For wonderful contribution to school life throughout her time at St Francis NS

6th Class B
Ava: For her kindness, hard-work and enthusiasm for learning throughout the year as well as for her passion for the Irish language
Elwin:  For being a caring classmate and a hard-working pupil throughout the year as well as for his efforts on the chess and football teams
Jayden: For his improvement in his academics as well as for his talent as an artist

 6th Class Helpers

Pupils in 6th class are often called upon as “seniors” to help with various tasks around the school.

In particular we are grateful to the pupils who assist at drop off to ensure younger children get to their classrooms safely and to the pupils who set up the hall for after school activities every day.

Early morning helpers:

Furniture / Hall set up helpers

Student Council Awards

Throughout the year the pupils on our Student Council attend regular meetings with Brigitte and Lisa and work as the “voice of the pupils” in their respective classes.  They also do various jobs around the school including sorting out the re-cycling corridor, lost property, clothing collections and Uniform Swap Shop, as well as organising coffee mornings, bakes sales, etc..

3rd Class: John (3A) Alex (3B)
4th Class: Leah (4A),Daniel (4B)
5th Class: Claudia 5A, Jamie 5B
6th Class: Charlie (6A), Elwin (6B)

Green School Committee Awards

The Green Schools Committeee is made up of pupils from 2nd-6th Classes.  It is overseen by Mrs Lawless, Miss Treadwell and Mr Sheppard.  The role of the members is to oversee the maintenance of the green flags already achieved at St Francis NS.  They also collect ideas and organise surveys to decide what their targets are for the next Green Flag.

2nd Class: JJ, Eli, Gerard, Cara
3rd Class: Clara, Luca
4th Class: Sophie, Jessica
5th Class: Leyla, Ben
6th Class: Sam, Tife

Incredible Edibles
The two 3rd classes, led by Ms Carroll and Mrs Stapleton, participated in the Incredible Edibles Project this year, planting vegetables and fruit from seed, researched the origins of food, made smoothies with the food, etc.  Our research was all sent off and we were awarded the top GOLD standard as an incredible Edible school.

On behalf of the two classes, VANESSA and BETH collected the award.

Reading Recovery Graduates

For successful completion if the Reading Recovery Programme with Miss Gray

Public Speaking
Outgoing winner from 2022: Aoibhinn (5B)
2023 winner: Calum (5A)


These were calculated based on the attendance figures for the school year up to Friday 23rd June

Missed 2 days – Silver medal and certificate
Millie – JIA
Aidan – JIB
Lucy – JIB
Evan – SIA
Alex – SIA
Eli – SIA
Zoey – SIA
JJ – 2B
Lidiya – 4A
Eamon – 4A
Ben – 5A

Missed 1 Day – Gold medal and certificate
Conn – JIA
Sarah – SIA
Zoe – SIB
Nathan – SIB
Nathan – 1B
Matthew – 3A
Rose – 3A
Penny – 3B
Catherine – 3B
Jessica – 4A
Aoibhinn – 5B
Emmanuel – 6A
Kaitlyn – 6B

100% Attendance – Silver Cup and Certificate
Justin – SIA
Jamie – SIA
Ruby – 1B
Scarlett – 2A
Liam – 2A
Eli – 2A
Cian – 2B
Victoria – 3B
Abigail – 3B
Vanessa – 3B
Liam – 4B
Morgan – 4B
Calum – 5A
Lucy – 5B
Grace – 5B
Ema – 5B
Balint – 6A