We recently went on a trip to Bloom. It’s like a festival for plants. After the trip there was a project we had to do.  We had to make a garden in a tin. It’s a competition. 5 people in our class made one. Myself, Kian, Nancy, Penny and Luca made them. Lots of people made them in the whole school. I had trees, swings, clay and ladybugs in mine.

– David, 3B.

We recently went to Bloom and our school has a similar competition of who can do the best garden project. I made a waterfall themed one with lots of animals like ducks, rabbits, ladybugs and butterflies. It was really stressful. My mam helped me with the glue gun and the super glue. Hopefully I will win a prize.

– Luca 3B.

One month ago we were given a project- Bloom in a tin. Bloom in a tin is a homemade garden you make a tin. A few people from different classes entered. The biggest bloom in

a tin was Luca’s. My teacher Ms. Carroll took a picture of the people who entered with their bloom in a tin.

– Kian 3B