Our School Tour

On Wednesday we went on our school tour.  We went to Ardgillan park.  There was a big slide there and a huge climbing frame.  We had great fun!  We had our lunch at the park.  We went on a big double decker bus.  We also went to Butler’s chocolate factory.  We ate chocolate and learnt how chocolate is made.  It was the best day of my life.

– Jacob, 3B.

School Tour

Yesterday on the 21st of June 3rd class A and B went on a school trip to the Butler’s chocolate factory.  The pupils were required to be in at 8:45 as the bus was leaving at 9:00.  The bus didn’t go straight to Butlers because our slot there wasn’t until 1:00 so we

went to Ardgillan castle to have little and big lunch.  After little lunch, we went to the playground there.  It was huge!  There were two climbing frames connected to each other, a lot of swings, slides and a lot more.

When we had big break we went hill rolling.  Even the teachers went hill rolling!  But then finally came our time to go to Butlers chocolate factory.  We got to see all the machines and the people who operated them.  Then we saw a short film about chocolate.  We found out this was the only Butlers chocolate factory in existence and they are a worldwide company!  At the end we got to design our own chocolate using white chocolate.  Then it came to the bus ride home.  It was a lot of fun.  I hope to go there again one day.

– Conor, 3B.