Last Friday we went to the beach with a marine biologist named David.  First, we had to climb on rocks to look for rock pools and animals in the rock pools like crabs and sea snails and shrimp.  David said we’re not going to use the first aid kit because it has not
been used all year but we used it about 6 times!!  After that we had lunch.  After lunch we got free time.  I played tip.  It was a brilliant day.

– Luca 3B

On the 9th of June we went to the beach.  We all looked around for crabs and shells.  Some people got hurt.  David, the marine biologist came with us.  We had a great time.  We all got our shoes muddy, so we went into a pond to clean the mud off.  Then, we had our lunch and some people said their food was sandy.  We all played tag on the beach.  It was lots of fun.  Some people had a competition, girl versus boys to see who could dig the best hole.  Boys won the battle.

– Sultan from 3B

Last Friday 3rd class A and B went to the beach. We had a biologist teaching us about the beach.  We got to look for animals and play around.  We found crabs and shrimp.  We had equipment like nets, cups and a sheet to look at animals.  The animals were shrimp, crabs and different types of fish.  We had lunch there, had a little play, took a group photo and went home.

– David 3B