On 19th of May it was Intercultural day.  Intercultural day is a day when we learn about different cultures around the world.  We had passports to tick off the country’s food we ate.  We brought in food from many countries.  Also we wore clothes to represent the cultures we originated from or where our parents are from. We got to taste lots of different food.  My favourite is from Ghana and Nigeria.  We had a fun time.

– Vanessa 3B

Our school does a thing called Intercultural day.  You get to wear traditional clothes from different countries.  If anyone had someone in their family from a different country you could wear clothes from that country.  Also you could bring in different foods from countries.  There were lots of different foods for people to taste.  My favorite foods were from Brazil and Nigeria.  You also got it for free!  Afterwards, barely anyone wanted to eat their school lunch.  Everyone had the best time.

By Flynn 3B