Student Council with Brigitte and Lisa on Daffodil Day 2023

Report by Alex, 3rd Class B

On Friday 24th March the Student Council arrived to school at half eight in the morning and sold daffodil pins to parents dropping off their children to school.. It was for a good cause, it was for cancer!

Many people gave generous donations. It was probably because people they knew or they themselves suffered from cancer.

The Student Council is made of children from 3rd class to 6th class. It is overseen by Lisa and Brigitte.

While we were preparing for this we had a meeting and then we blew up yellow balloons to fix to the school railings. Two very good teachers helped us, they were Miss Watters and Mrs Donaghy.

We don’t know how much we’ve raised but we hope it’s enough to help stop cancer.

Update: We raised €820 for the Irish Cancer Society Daffodil Campaign. Thank you to everyone who supported us.