Grandparent’s Day Invitation – Friday 2nd February

During Catholic Schools week this year, Grandparents’ Day is on the Wednesday, January 31st. Many schools chose this time to invite Grandparents into school to share their stories and their faith. We have chosen the Friday of that week, Friday 2nd February, to make Grandparents’ Day. Every child in school has been given a copy of the invitation pictured above to present to a grandparent, inviting them to come in.

Thank You to our Wonderful Grandparents!

Thank you to all the grandparents who came in to school today to meet the pupils in their respective granchildrens classes. We are very lucky to have so many energetic and community spirited grandparents and the classes were captivated by the stories they had to tell of how their schooldays and childhood differed from those of our pupils in 2016. A special thank you too to all the helpers from.

Grandparent Day – Wednesday 3rd February

All grandparents who have expressed an interest in coming in to talk to and/or meet the class on Grandparent’s Day should have received their invitation today. Grandparents are welcome to arrive at 11.15am, spend some time with the pupils and teacher in their grandchild’s class, then join us in the hall for light refreshments.