St. Francis National School was established in September 2007 with two teachers and 20 pupils on the roll. It was intended to serve the developing end of Blackrock as the existing Parish School was running at capacity with no further room for expansion. The school was established as a Catholic school following consultation with the local community.

Until June 2013 it occupied five prefabs – four classrooms and an office/staffroom on the site of the Community Centre. Work commenced in February 2013 on our permanent building on the Rock Road and we moved in at the end of August 2013.

In September 2018we will have 9 mainstream classes and 260 children on our roll, including special needs and children from many different cultural backgrounds and nationalities. We have nine full time class teachers. They are supported by a full time Resource teacher (also our Deputy Principal), two full time Learning Support teachers,  and three Special Needs Assistants. We have a full time Secretary and last, but certainly not least, we have a part time caretaker.


School Staff – September 2017 


Back row: Suzanne O’Hare (SNA), Sarah O’Gradaigh (SNA), Helen Clinton (Sen Inf), Niamh Brennan (Resource), Oreena Lawless (Príomhoide), Anne Donaghy (5th Class), Helena Reynolds (Resource) , Carmel Pinto (SNA), Lisa Young (SNA), Megan Treadwell (Resouce – covering for Elaine O’Rourke, Deputy Principal, Maternity leave), Brigitte Nelson (Office). 

Front Row: Emma Kellegher (JunInf) Annie Sweeney (6th Class, Acting Deputy Principal), Ciara Whately (4th Class), Sarah-Jane Burns (1st Class), Sarah Gray (3rd Class), Realtein McCann (2nd Class).

Missing from photo: Elaine O’Rourke (Deputy Principal), Jonathan Dennis (Caretaker).

Photo Credit: Paula Kavanagh Photography