Pupil to volunteer in Guatemala

“My name is Ryan and I am 10 years old.”

“In October me and my mammy are travelling to Guatemala to visit some children in a school who really need help.

I would really like to buy them stuff for school: copies , pencils , books and some fun stuff.

I am so looking forward to visit their school and make a difference.

Can you please help me to do this.”


1.  Donate Children’s Footwear

We’re doing a children’s footwear (shoes, runners, etc) collection in school as the children at the school Ryan is volunteering have no shoes. It’s humbling and hard to imagine the conditions they endure – simple things we all take for granted. If you have any outgrown children’s (any size) shoes you are able to donate please leave them in the donation box outside of the office. Ryan and Debbie will take all the donated shoes over to the school in Guatemala as a gift from the children of St Francis NS.



2. Offer a financial donation

Ryan’s mum is paying all costs associated with the trip.  However, they want to take as much resources (pencils, art materials, books, etc.) as they can to donate to the school.  You can offer your support by donating an amount, no matter how small, via Ryan’s GoFundMe page.

We are all very proud of Ryan undertaking this remarkable adventure and he has promised to tell us all about it when he returns.