Day of Action for Biodiversity – St Francis Day – 4th October

As you are aware, we are currently working on the Green School theme of Biodiversity, and on St. Francis Day Wednesday October 4th (weather permitting), we will visit Blackrock Park 11.45am – 1.15pm as part of our Day of Action for Biodiversity.

All pupils are invited to dress up using “Nature” as the theme for the occasion. Think butterflies, bees, birds, bugs, fruits, flowers, animals or perhaps t-shirts with slogans about anything green.

Our Green School Committee have designed the slogan:

“We are busy Bees for Biodiversity”!

We hope to explore the park in groups to identify plants, insects, birds and animals who also “enjoy” the Park’s facilities. We will meet representatives from Blackrock Tidy Towns and visit the various gardens in the park to appreciate the efforts of those involved, explore the range of biodiversity they support and create awareness of maintenance issues.

We will present our latest “Eco-Tribe” plaque for the “Celtic Garden” to our friends on the Blackrock Tidy Towns Gardening Committee and finally have a “Green” themed picnic (think of Autumn fruits – apple juice and blackberry jam & allow your child to use their imagination!!).

Whoever said that school was boring????